Places in Polkton Township


The beginning development in Polkton Township was more rapid along the Grand River.
The following is a list of early township settlements.

1) Eastmanville - a very active village and the center of township government in the early days. Named for an early settler, Dr. Eastman.

2) Newburg - a very small settlement about 1/2 mile east of Eastmanville. In 1857 Jacob De Haan platted Newburg. It had only a brief existence and actually consisted of a spoke factory and a small boarding house.

3) Hardscrabble - was not a settlement but a section of farmland northwest of Eastmanville. According to local lure, Dr. Eastman rode through the area and saw how hard the early settlers had to work to clear the land to farm, he said they would have a hard scrabble to make a go of it. The name stuck and it became a beautiful, productive farmland.

4) Dennison - It was a settlement located about 3 miles west of Coopersville. It was probably started with a saw mill which was once located there. Later, there was only a welding shop and the home of store keeper, Martin Golden.

5) Peck's Corners - was what the area at the corner of 56th (East Street) and Cleveland was first called. The name dates back to when the Abraham Peck family came from Carbondale, Pennsylvania and settled on 160 acres of forest land at this corner in 1848. At that time there were few settlers in what later became Coopersville.
Mr. and Mrs. Peck and their four children traveled to Michigan in a covered wagon. Their real estate dealer told them their property in Michigan was cleared land. They were disappointed to find their land was a forest.

6) Coopersville - It is now the center of population and commercial growth in the township. It was slow to develop until the railroad came through in 1858.

Created: 9 Sep 2011