Georgetown Township Record Book of Highways Book from 1884 - 1923.

The within records of highways was opened to commencing with the annual meeting held in the township of Georgetown, April 7, 1884.

Wm. Whipple, Township Clerk

(Order of Commissioner establishing certain roads at Jenisonville of which no record could be found on page 7. Order dated Sept. 28, 1881.

At a joint meeting of Highway Commissioners of the Township of Wyoming in the County of Kent and the Township of Georgetown in the County of Ottawa, State of Michigan, held upon the premises for the purpose of apportioning the Highway upon the County line between the said townships have agreed and ordered that said county line road between said townships shall be divided as follows to wit:

The township of Georgetown shall take charge of said Highway commencing at the south end running thence north two hundred and eighty rods. The Township of Wyoming shall commence at that point and take charge of said Highway running thence north to a point three fourths of the distance between the two bridges across Rush Creek. Georgetown shall commence at that point and take charge of said Highway north to the quarter line of Section 19, Town 6 N., Range 12 W.

Wyoming shall commence at that point and take charge of said Highway north to the north west corner of SW 1/4 of SW1/4 of Section 18, Town 6 N., Range 12 West.

Dated June 19, 1883

R. E. Davis, Commissioner of Wyoming

E. F. Bosworth, Commissioner of Georgetown

Attest: Wm. Whipple, Jr., Township Clerk, Georgetown

Filed: April 4, 1884

Endorsed as follows:

The within action of Highway Commissioners is this day approved by township board.

April 1, 1884 Wm. Whipple, Jr., Township Clerk


To the Commissioner of Highways of Township of Georgetown, County of Ottawa.

We the undersigned freeholders of said township of Georgetown hereby make application to you the said commissioners to discontinue the highway in said township running as follows viz: Commencing at the East quarter post of Section 32 and running thence west one-half mile to center of said section 32 which said highway is not included within the corporate limits of any city or village.

Dated at Georgetown this 2nd day of February, 1884 A.D.

Wm. Whipple, Jr., E. G. Morris, Thos. Curry, S. H. Whipple, James Richart, S. G. Barnaby, W. H. Linacre,
L. M. Wolf, H. E. Hudson,
D. Cunningham, H. A. Warner, S. M. Ellis,

To William Whipple, Jr., Henry A. Warner and Samuel G. Barnaby:

Take notice that application has been made to me the undersigned Commissioner of highways for the township of Georgetown by at least seven freeholders of said township to discontinue a highway in said township as follow. Commencing at the east quarter post of Section 32 running thence west one-half mile to center of said Section 32 which highway runs through lands owned by you.

You are therefore hereby notified that the undersigned Commissioner of highways will meet at the house of William Whipple in said township on the 31st day of March Inst. at 10 o’clock p.m. for the purpose of said examination for discontinance and the necessity therefor.

Dated the 20th days of March, 1884 A.D.


On the 31st day of March in the year aforesaid, I proceeded to view the premises diescribed in said application and notice and to justly and impartially appraise the damages thereon and that I did thereupon consider and determine that the discontinuing of said highway was necessary and proper and the same was thereupon discontinued by me. Given under my hand this 31st day of March, 1884 A.D.

E. F. Bosworth, Commissioner

The above certificate was filed in the office of the Township Clerk of Georgetown on the 31st day of March, 1884 A.D.

Wm Whipple, Jr., Clerk


General Highway fund on Hand

April 1, 1883 $ 71.78

Raised by Tax $ 500.00

Subtotal $ 571.78

Expended -$ 531.05

On hand 4/1/1884 $ 40.73

Bridge fund raised $ 666.99

Necessary for the ensuing year - $500 to build new roads and to keep the old in repair.

E. F. Bosworth, Commissioner of Highways


Whereas several roads in the township of Georgetown having been used for ten years or more as highways the records of which cannot be found in the township clerk’s office of said township. Now therefore, I Commissioner of Highways of said township do order that said roads be ascertained described and entered of record in the office of the Township Clerk of said township according to a survey which has been made under my direction as follows:

Survey of roads in the town of Georgetown, Town 6 N, Range 13 west, Section 13.

Road No. 1 - commencing on the line between sections 13 and 24 - 20.00 chains west of east corner thence north 25 degree east, 15.25 chains to stake No. 1, thence north 3 degrees east, 4.00 chains to stake No. 2 thence north 22 degrees east, 4.10 chains to stake No. 3 thence north 11 degree east, 5.25 chains to stake No. r, thence No 67 degrees west 3.76 chains to stake No. 5, thence north 28 degree, 30 ft west, 3.70 chains to stake No. 6 thence north, 32 degrees, 40’ east, 6.12 chains to stake No. 8 in center of Grand Haven road, bearings to above stakes No. 1 sugar, 20 in. South 57 1/2 degrees west, 95 links, No. 2 set stakes no tree near. No. 3 sugar 15" north, 82 degrees, west 36 links, No. 4 - beech, 20", south 39 degrees east 1.21 links, No. 5 set stakes no trees near, No. 6, 7 and 8 are large stones with copper points set to mark center of roads on streets in Jenisonville.

Road No. 2 - commencing in the center of highway known as the Grand Haven road at the NW corner of Samuel Ayers lot from which point a stone with copper point on the east and west 1/4 line, 14.58 chains west of 1/4 corner bears north 79 degrees, 30’ west, 3.40 chains. Thence south 18 degrees, 40 ft. west 9.25 chains to center of road formerly surveyed and described and recorded as runnin north westerly between Blakes and Jenison’s store.

Road No. 3 - commencing at stake No. 4 on road, No. 1 thence east 6.87 chains to center of county line road.

The above described lines are the centre of said roads which are laid out 4 rods wide. All courses magnetic.

Dorr Skeels, Surveyor

Given under my hand this 28th day of September, 1883 A. D.

E. F. Bosworth, Commissioner of Highways

Attest: Wm Whipple, Township Clerk


May 28, 1884

Hereby order that SE1/4 SW1/4 Section 25 be taken from Road District #12 and annexed to Road District #11. John Scott, Commissioner of Highways

June 6, 1884

Whereas vacancies have occurred in the Offices of Overseers of Highways of Road Districts No’s 1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13 and 19 in the township of Georgetown. Now therefore I do hereby appoint -

B. M. Weatherwax for District #1 Augustus Winchester for District #10

Edward F. Bosworth for District #5 John Minderhout for District #13

Charles L. Moody for District #6 William Schilling for District #19

G. Emmett Lowing for District #8

to fill the said vacancies and to hold the said offices until the next township meeting and until their successors are elected and qualified according to law.

John Scott, Commissioner of Highways


December 31, 1884

Elmer Gillett O. M. Gillett Hiram VanderVeen Frederick French

John Bush Hiram Field A. N. Comstock

The signed freeholders make application to lay out a highway as follows;

Commencing at center of Section 15 in the Highway, thence north on 1/4 line through Section 15 and a portion of Section 10 and until said Highway shall intersect an angling road known as the Mud City road now in use and about 1/2 mile and 40 rods as near as can be estimated..

The Commissioner of Highways will meet at the house of John Blevins on 16 Jan 1885 at 1 p.m. to review the premises described. The annexed notices was served on John Blevins, John Scott, George Rilamen and Menno Beukema. I determined that a highway was necessary and should be laid out. George Rilamer, Menno Beukema and John Scott claimed damages by reasons of laying out said highways and did appraise the damages to each of claimants: John Blevins ($105), George Rilamer ($15), Menno Beukema ($20), John Scott ($80).

February 3, 1885 John Scott, Commissioner of Highways


April 1, 1885

Improvements made on roads and bridges: 3 new bridges - District #13, 1 new bridge - District #4, and 2 new bridges in District #6 at a cost of $120.

Abutment of small bridge south of Jenisonville was repaied. Large bridge at Jenisonville, the north bridge on county line near farm of W. H. Curtis on town line between Georgetown and Jamestown wer repainted and foundations strengthened on south bridge. Have had grubbed 15 rods of road causeway and covered the same also 50 rods of causeway near Joh Spicer’s ($64.55).


May 14, 1885

Commissioner orders that a new road district be formed described as follows:

E 1/2 Section 15, NE 1/4 Section 22, N1/2 Section 23, S 1/2 NE 1/4 Section 14 to be known as Road District #21 (Road District #6 give $23.88 to district formed).

Road District #6 - N 1/2 Section 24, S 1/2 Section 13, NW 1/4 Section 13, except lands of Peter VanSingle, H. Wagner and George Weatherwax and the NE fractional 1/4 of Section 13 except 3.5 acres in NW corner belonging to George Weatherwax.


March 20, 1886 - E. F. Bosworth, Commissioner of Highway

Application of Henry D. Weatherwax, John S. Sponable, John Blevins, John Hall, Cyrenius Knickerbocker, Phineas Vasbinder, Henry Skinner and others for a highway - notice served on all owners/occupants of lands through which proprosed highway would go - includes Albert Ossland, Derk Housiman, John Minderhout, Lucus VanderVeen, H. M. Surdam, John Vredevoogd, John Bylsma, John Scott, Tiemen Kort, John Quigley, Chas. Montague, Phineas W. D. Vasbinder, Chas. McEwan, Luman Jenison and Benton E. Green. Determined a highway was necessary commencing at N 1/8 post Section 21, & on 1/4 line dividing the east 1/2 from west 1/2 said section, thence E and parallel with survey lines running thru Section 21, 22, & 23 a distance of two miles and until it intersects the 1/4 line running north and south through Section 23. The following named persons damages were allowed as follows:

Albert Oosland - $20, Derk Houseman - $16, VanderVeen Estate - $13, Benton E. Green - $11, John R. Mizener - $11, H. M. Surdam - $11 (H. M. Surdam appeals damages - reviewed and damages were changed to $20).


February 18, 1886

Application by freeholders for lay out of highway - commencing at center of Section 15, thence south on 1/4 line, a distance of 240 rods to the north 1/8 line of Section 22.

John R. Mizener, John Quigley, Phineas W. D. Vasbinder, C. Montague, Phineas Vasbinder, F. Lamer, George Cowing, J. H. Boynton, John Scott, C. Knickerbocker; includes - Benton E. Green,

April 20, 1886-(Henry D. Weatherwax and Joseph Bronkema-did not want to pay damages-reviewed damages changed from $40 to $50). A highway was necessary.

Alburtus Kronemyer, Henry W. Sweet, John N. Wait and G. L. Guild (Township clerk)

May 26, 1886 - did levy the annual road tax at the rate of one days work for every four hundred dollars valuation as assessed.

Also set off E 1/2 SW 1/4 of Section 20 from District #9 to District #10


September 17, 1886

Application by G. TeWinkle, Roe Koopman, H. D. Ewing, Dan Sawyer, Barb Sawyer, Nathanal Smith, George Hardy, ---- DeWine, Garet Stene and others. The highway was necessary commencing at SE corner of N 1/2 thence west along 1/8 line 160 rods.

Damages to Henry Ewings - $20.

James Richart, Highway Commissioner; G. L. Guild, Township Clerk


October 19, 1887

Application to discontinue the highway in said township as follows to wit: a road 2 rods in width the centre line of which comences at a stake in the center of the Highway between the lands of Wm Bishoff and Robert and Phelps, 40 rods & 11 links westerly from a monument or stone established by a former survey as the center of the northeast 1/4 of Section 27 thence running sourth 80 rods in the south bounds of the lands of said Wm Bishoff to the lands of one Daniel VanderBoegh and one R. W. Graham, said road being a private alley road laid out by E. F. Bosworth, Commissioneer of Highways on the 7th June 1883 and which highway is not included within the corporate limits of any city or village.

Reuben Franklin, Philip, Landis, Wm Bishoff, R. W. Dornbos, Jacob Bush, Kornelius Boss, Franklin Phelps, Liberty T. Bursley, Asa A. Bursley, Eugene Jenison, Douglas, Jenison, Lucius Jenison, Rensloer Corey, F. P. Beaumont, G. L. Guild, E. G. Hale, E. G. Morris, F. H. Campbell, John Haminger, L. M. Wolf, Carl Dehn and James Richart.


October 19, 1887

Application to lay out a road commencing 2 rods wide in the center line which commences on N line of E 1/2 SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 27, W one rod W of eastern line running thence to a point one rod N of south boundary, thence west to a point 1 rod N of W line of said E 1/2 SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Section 27

Philip Landis, W. Bishoff, R. W. Dornbos, Jacob Bush, Kornelius Bos, Franklin Phelps, Liberty T. Bursley, Asa A. Bursley, Eugene Jenison, Douglas, Jenison, Lucius Jenison, F.P. Beaumont, G. L. Guild, Harlow Phelps, Rensoler Cory, E. G. Hale, E. G. Morris, F. H. Campbell, John Haminger, L. M. Wolf, Carl Dehn, James Richard and Reuben Franklin

C. K. Hoyt, Township Clerk


November 9, 1887

Application to discontinue highway known & described as follows: North and South through the center of the SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Section 27 and alter the same to the following described line. A private road 2 rods wide the centre line of which commences on the north line of E 1/2 SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 27 as above described one rod W of eastern line of said described land thence south to a point one rod N of south bound said land thence W 40 rods to bounds of road hereby discontinued. Highway is hereby discontinued.

E. F. Bosworth, Commissioner of Highway

William Bishoff - I do here by release to said Township of Georgetown all claim to damages by reason of said highway running through my land and premises as aforesaid witness my hand and seal this 11th day of October, 1887 Wm Bishop (L.S.)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------May 19, 1890

Application for highway commencing at centre of Section 13 thence S on 1/4 line 160 rods to 1/4 stake on South line of said Section 13.

Henry D. Weatherwax, Luman Jenison, George A. Roberts, M. DePuit, Thomas, Jenness, Frank Deavendorf, D. M. Jenison, C. H. Brown, Joseph Brown, James E. Wright, Wm Lark, Malvin Moore and Gilbert Hanson. (annexed upon L & L Jenison, Lucas VanderVeen & W.M. RR Co.

Otis Lowing, Commissioners of Highway

Joseph Brown, Township Clerk


June 6, 1890

Road District #16 taxpayers request a certain amount of road work be used for the purpose of making sidewalk, and cross walks in the village of Hudsonville.

C. K. Hoyt, James Richart, Thomas Hughes, J. N. Wait, J. B. Yeamons, S. M. Wolf, John Tibbett, Fred H. Campbell, C. O’Dell, Fred D. Bartlett, W. C. Covey, W. B. Yemons, Geo. Sinclair, Mar Dedee, Dudley Edson, John Dedie, L. O. Drew, J. E. Dearborn, A. W. Jordan, C. Lanecea, L. P. Densmore, W. G. Barnaby, Thomas Curry, H. C. Barnard, E. T. Tillison, B. B. Godfrey, J. L. Klein, Wm Whipple, Jr., L. E. Giddings, H. E. Hudson, E. C. Whipple, J. K. Beadle, William Bennett, S. G. Barnaby, C. F. Dehn and Benton E. Green

Joseph Brown, Township Clerk

Commencing at the Congregational Church on Main Street running west to what is called the Henshaw Corners, also a walk from the RR Crossing on Division Street, then south to L. E. Giddings corner, also cross walk when needed, to accomodate the public, the walks on Main Street to be on the south side of said street as far as J. L. Sinclari residence and on Division Street be on both sides of said street through the village, thence on the side of said street to the south corner.

Otis Lowing, Commissioner of Highway; Joseph Brown, Township Clerk


June 2, 1891

Application to discontinue road District #2 and attach all that part of said District #2 west of Section 3 to District #3. All E of Section 4 be attached to District #1 and all property owned by Frank Deavendorf be detached from District #6 and attached to District #1. That District #1 have charge of the following roads to wit: the Grand Haven (so called) commencing at the centre of Section 13 thence NW and W to the E line of Section 4 and all roads now controlled by District #1 and #3.

S. Brennan, R. Burton, C. H. Brown, Wm VanSloten, Wm A. Bush, Wm Wadsworth, J. H. Boynton, A. D. Wadsworth, Wm Winks, George Cheynes and E. W. Pinney

C. VanderBoegh, Highway Commissioner, Joseph Brown, Township Clerk


March 29, 1892

Application to lay out road commencing at 1/4 line road running E and W through Section 10, at centre of said Section, thence S along 1/4 line to road hereof laid out on S part of Section 10.

Charles Waters, Elmer Gillett, H. T. Salter, H. D. Weatherwax, John Blevins, Ben Maceus, Hiram VanderVeen, O. M. Gillett. (includes A. M. Comstock, George Rillema and M. Beukema)

This road was not deemed necessary, there being a State road answering all necessary use and also there being a remonstrance of 28 freeholders.

A. C. VanderBoegh, Commissioner of Highway, Joseph Brown, Township Clerk


September 2, 1892

Application to lay out road commencing at 1/4 post in centre of highway running east and west on south side of Section 2, thence N on 1/4 line to sout bank of Grand River - a distance of about 375 rods thence westerly along bank of Grand River to such as may be designated Church’s Chapn/Cheyn Ferry across said river.

J. H. Boyinton, Wm Voss, Wm Cheyne, George M. Munroe, Jacob VanderVeen, & M. B. Church

Damages to J. H. Boyinton ($105), Wm Voss ($70) - they appealed the damages. Damages changed J. H. Boyinton ($135), Wm Voss ($90)

Decision was reversed as to highway

A. C. VanderBoegh, Commissioner of Highway, Joseph Brown, Township Clerk


October 18, 1892

Application for road commencing on centre of highway running E and W between Section 2 and Section 11 and at the 1/4 stakes thereof and thence N on 1/4 line dividing Section 2 the entire distrance of said Section, also N on 1/4 line dividing fractional Section 35 it being a distance of about 375 rods and to bank of Grand River being a Government meandered stream and a public highway.

H. D. Weatherwax, Jacob VanderVeen, Daniel Cheyne, O. L. Graves, S. Brennan, Wm VanSloten, H. I. Salter, G. VanSloten, Jacob Vander Veen, George W. Munroe, William Cheyne, George Cheyne, Roswell Burton, Wm Winks, G. M. Burton, William A. Bush, John Sponable & P. M. Vanbinder


June 6, 1892

Application for highway - commencing in center of existing highway and at 1/4 post thereof and on south side of Section 2, thence north on 1/4 line dividing said Section 2 a distance of 280 rods.

Commencing at 1/4 post on S side of fractional Section 2, thence N by magnetic course 70, 40’ E on 1/4 line (160 rods) to 1/4 central corner of said section, thence N on 1/4 line mag. 7 degree 40’ East 120 rods to terminus of highway. Width of road being 2 rods on either side of center line

Henry D. Weatherwax, George W. Munro (by H.D. Weatherwax, his agent), John S. Sponable, N. Salter, O. L. Graves, M. B. Church, George Cheyne, Daniel Cheyne, Wm A. Bush, Hiram VanderVeen, Jacob VanderVeen and Will Cheyne.

Damages - Jerry Boyington for 3 acres ($150), Wm Voss for 2 acres ($100)

Edward Fellows, Commissioner of Highways


October 7, 1893

Commencing at a point 80 rods W of 1/4 post on Section 18, thence running N on the 8th line of NE 1/4 of Section 18 1/2 mile to second line Section 18.

Douwe Douma, Emmet Lowing, Isaac Lowing, Albert Alberda, Elmer, Gillot, John Yoecke?, L.C. Dehn and John Spicer


February 8, 1899

SE 1/4 SW1/4 on Section 26 thence, running east on line between the lands above identified, also thru lands owned by H. Alward, Wm Thrasher, Garret Werenga and the Thompson Estate, intersecting the so called Allegan Road a distance of 3/4 of a mile.

Damages - Henry VanderVeen -$50, Garret Wearinga-$20, Wm Thrasher-$50, Thomson Estate-$25 and further certify the said Richard Hamond and Herbert Alward each make no claims for damages.

O. L. Comstock, Highway Commissioner


February 8, 1899

Commencing in center of highway on West side of NE1/4 of SW1/4 and SE1/4 of SW1/4 Section 26, thence running East on line between the lands above described also through lands owned by H. Alward, Wm Thrasher and Garret Wieringa and the Tomson Estate intersecting on the Allegan Road a distance of 3/4 of a mile.

Wm Phelps, James K. Park, John DeGraff, John VanStratt, G. M. Roberts, James T. Whipple, Herbert Alward, Richard Hamond, John Weisenhoff, Irony? Coursin, Martin Van Stratt, Garret Weringa, Kiah F. Green, Lymond Cobb, Fred Boltzum, A. A. Bursley, D. M. Jenison, R. M. Dornbush, Henry Tibbets, James D. Edson, Rents?, Edson, M. W. McCoy, John M. McCoy, and Hary McCoy.


June 18, 1900

Commencing at a point where the Holland Road (so called) crosses the north and south 1/4 line of Section 20, thence south on 1/4 line through Section 20, also north and south 1/4 line of Section 29 to intersect with highway on south line of Section 29.

T. Hughes, L. M. Wolf, L. E. Giddings, Geo. W. Densmore, Elwin Lowing, H. Veldman, B. Jaynes, F. H. Campbell, H. Albrecht, Theo. B. Curtis, Thos. M. Waite, W. Bowmaster, Claus Steen, A. D. Lobdell, George Christler, Henry Warner, Colman Cory, H. W. Sweet, Henry Cooper, C. H. Kelley, Joe Lowing and J. B. Riddell (also includes Harvey Surdam, Ira Y. Burnham, Chas Barnaby, E. C. Whipple and George Felton.

This record is of no effect as the road was not laid at this date.

June 16, 1902

Discontinue road commencing at point two rods E of Otto Steinke house at a certain beech tree in the highway, thence running NE to Grand River.

Andrew Reister, Herman Schonwald, Chas. Schilling, E. Ulberg, Aug. Schilling, O. C. Steimke, Fred Reister, G. Sholtz, C. Ponitze, W. Shonwald, Chas D. Hubbard, Wm Myer, Peter Ulberg, Wm E. Combs, C. W. Cook, and A. Kuzee.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------July 29, 1904

Commencing at a point where the 1/4 line road running N and S through Section 32 intersects the section line road running East and West between Section 29 and Section 32 and running thence north through Section 29 on the 1/4 line to the 1/4 post between Section 29 and Sec. 20, thence north along the 1/4 line 33 rods to intersect the 1/4 line road running north and south through Section 20. Highway to be 4 rods wide. The reason for asking for this road is 1) it connects roads already laid out and traveled, 2) it saves over two miles extra travail to all persons going to and from Hudsonville, 3) it is a public convenience and a public necessity, signed -

H. W. Sweet, B. Jaynes, F. L. Chamberlain, R. P. Cory, O. Edson, Clarence H. Kelley, L. M. Wolf, Elwin Lowing, George Doan, Frank Lobdell, E. W. Lang, Wm Wilson, Henry Cooper, Steven Sanenberg, Martin DeVree, Seth Coburn, T. Hughes, Orlando Hall, Claus Steen, Joe Lowing, George Felton, George A. Christler, H. M. Veldman, Bert Sweet, Fred Riddell, Mrs. E. B. Riddell, Harden Smith, Walter Bowmaster and F. H. Campbell. (also included Robert Alward, Emily Barnaby and E. C. Whipple)

Damages - E.C. Whipple ($150), Chas. Barnaby ($150), George Felton ($50), Harvey Surdam ($25), Robert Alward ($25) and Ira Burnham ($1) - 9/23/1904 appealed and received the following damages: C. H. Barnaby ($200), E. C. Whipple ($175), H. M. Surdam ($75)

J. M. Quigley, Commissioner of Highway


August, 1904

Commencing at a point about 98 rods W of center of East line of Section 4 or at a point where the road angles to N off from 1/4 line running W from center of said section line, said road to be laid W along said 1/4 line from the place above describe to a point about 49 rods East of center of west section line of said Section 4, thence to be laid at a right angle course until it intersects with the main traveled road, said highway to be 4 rods wide, which said highway is not included within the corporate limits of any city or village.

Luke Lowing, Boer Bros. (per James Boer), Mrs. Jannie Wagner, Frederick Smith, Charles Smith, Peter Ulber, Gustaf W. Fahrnow, George W. Lowing, Chas. D. Hubbard, George M. Hubbard, Luman Starken and Albert Lowing. (incl-Ohlman and Garrett’s)


3rd day of August, 1905

To the Commissioners of Highways of the Township of Blendon, County of Ottawa: the undersigned freeholders of the townships of Blendon and Georgetown do hereby make application to you to lay out a highway in a part of said townships and included within the corporate limits of any city or village and respectfully ask that you will proceed to lay out a highway as follows - commencing at the South township line of Blendon and Georgetown running due North on the township line between Section 36 of Blendon and Section 31 of Georgetown to a point where the road is now open on said township line between Section 36 of Blendon and Section 31 of Georgetown.

Mannes Koekkoek, Jim Timmers, Ren DeRegt, J. Stegeman, G. J. Loeks, F. M. Boldt, Peter Stegeman,
Fred Yonker, A. Evers,
G. Van Solkema, B. Lubbers, J. DeRegt, Berrins Koekkoek, G. Lubbers, Geerte Notting

Take notice that the undersigned Commissioner of Highways will meet at the north end of the above describe line on the 9th day of September, A.D. 1905 at two o’clock p.m. to proceed to view the premises described in said application and notice and ascertain and determine the necessity of laying out the highway avove described and to appraise the dammages therein.

28th day of August, A.D. 1905 J. M. Quigley, Comm. of Highways of Georgetown Township

Notices were served on Mannes Koek Koek, J. Deregt, C. Splloman and G. J. Loeks personally by delivering to each of them a copy thereof and further this deponent saith not.

J. M. Quigley

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of September, A.D. 1905.

R. P. Cory, Justice of the Peace

Damages - G. J. Loeks - $50, J. Deregt - $25, Mannes Koekkoek - $25, C. Vandaven - $50, Gerte Notting - $50, C. Spoolman - $87.50 for land, $20 for 4 apple trees, $50 for damage to water supply for a total of $157.50.

and further that the highway shall be opened and put in traveling condition by said township of Blendon and Georgetown jointly. Also that Blendon pay one-half of cost of laying said highway and Georgetown one-half of said expenses. Said highway to be four rods wide extending two rods each side of the said section line.

Given under my hand this 30th day of September, A.D. 1905 - John M. Quigley (Comm. Hwy)


Road East of Hudsonville

11 September 1905

Commencing at a point on the section line between Sections 28 and 33 of Georgetown, where the highway leaves said section line and running East to the corner point of Sections, 27, 28, 33 and 34 thence due East on section line to corner post of Sections 26, 27, 34 and 35, thence due East in section line between Sections 26 and 35 to the highway running angularly Northeast and Southwest across Sections 26 and 35.

Henry Vander Veen, Herman Boldt, Joseph Totten, Richard Hammond, Fred Boldt, L. M. Wolf, John VerStraat, H. Alward, C. H. Kelley, F. L. Chamberlain, A. Edson, John L. Sterken, John Vander Molen, T. M. Waite,
John Victory,
L. Van Mesberger, J. H. Loeks, Roedolf Elders, Voppe(Foppa) DeHaan, G. J. Loeks

Notice was served on Bert TerHaar, John VanderHeid, Hiram DeVries, John Victory, Pompe DeHaan, L. VanMesbergen and George Briceland as occupant of Eli Landis, Fred Boldt, J. H. Loeks, Joseph Totten and James Parks.

Damages - Bert TerHaar - $110, John VanderHid - $100, Hiram DeVries - $50, Eli Landis - $25, James Parks - $25; $1.00 to the following for lease of right of way - Fred Boldt, Joseph Totten, John Victory, Pompe DeHaan and L. VanMesberger

8 November 1905 - John M. Quigley, Commissioner of Highways, Georgetown Township

6 March 1917

The undersigned freeholders do hereby make application to lay out a highway commencing on the section line north and south between Sections 29 and 30 - said road to be 4 rods wide. Commencing at the section corner of Sections 29, 30, 31 and 32 thence north of section line for one mile between Section 29 and 30.

Abe V. Langevelde, Fred Jonker, Lambert Albers, D. Emelander, R. DeVries, John Schut, John H. Timmer,
Nick Hemkes, Jacob Schut,
Gerrit Bolhuis, H. Bloeming, J. Hamming, J. Bloemberg, Jac. Van Dyk, J. Geers,  Alma Vander Molen, Hiram Molter, Barney Otten, Henry Schuitema, John Zylman, Lambert Schut,
H. Martin Veldman, K. Ludema, Elmer Christler,
H. J. K. Holstege, Edson Kunzi, T. Ziel, Gerrit Brink

23 Mar 1917 - Notice served to Abel Langeveld, Lambert Albers, Fred Jonker, Bernard Hughes, Doe Emelander, Frank Scrimger/Seringer, R. DeVries. (also Nick VanderWall)

Fred. F. McEachron, Notary Public

Damages - for 2 acres Bernard Hughes - $450, for 2 acres Frank Scrimger - $175, Fred Jonker, R. DeVries, Lamber Albers, Doe Emelander and Abe Langevelde claim no damages.

7 Apr 1917 Albert Hopp, Commissioner of Highways, Georgetown Township

An appeal was made as to damages - Bernard Hughes received - $550, Frank M. Scrimger - $250, Fred Yonker - $50.

Clerk - P. M. Japinga, Justice - Henry Timmers, Supervisor - John M. Quigley


17 July 1917

Request for road lying between land owned by Harriet J. Pfieffer and Foppa DeHaan on the section line between sections 34 & 35.

Commencing at Section corner of 26, 27, 34, and 35 to run south on section line between Section 34 and 35 and pass through lands owned or occupied by you.

Harriet Pfeiffer, John Dykema, Claus Steen, Louis Schut, Foppa DeHaan, Peter Hoezee, Henry J. Vander Molen

Notice was served to Harriett Pfieffer and John Dykema (No damages claimed.)

Albert Hopp, Commissioner of Highways

Louis P. Ohler, Notary Public

Comstock Drain - April 4, 1919

A meeting was held for the purpose of acting on a proposal to establish a certain drain designated as the Comstock Drain.

Starting at a point 608 ft due North down the center of the highway and 34 feet due est of the west quarter post of Section 10, thence running due North along the highway and terminating in the certain drain at a point 258 ft. due North the center of highway and 24 ft. due east of the NW corner of Section 10.

Petition presented by Albert Hopp, Roy E. Lowing, Ivan Lowing, Edno Lowing and William R. Lowing. There being no land owners against it, the motion carried.

Members present: F. L. Chamberlain; Supv., P. M. Japinga; Clerk, F. McEachron, Justice; H. E. Jenison, Justice; and Bert Sweet, Justice.


Rush Creek Extension Drain - 2 May 1919

Meeting held to act on petition of C. Spoelman, C. Marines, Mrs. F. Yonker and others - for deepening, widening and straightening the drain known as the Rush Creek Exension Drain located and established in the townships of Georgetown and Blendon. Proceedings held near the South Blendon Reformed Church to act upon application. Members present: Veldman, Kraai, Vollink, Ann Flipsey from Blendon, Quigley, McEachron, Jenison and Japinga from Georgetown.

May 12, 1919 - A motion was made to deepen the drain to 3 1/2 ft., widen it to 8 ft, bottom and straighten it where it needs be commencing at the SE corner of the NE 1/4 of Section 30, thence NW about 8.5 rods to where it intersects with the main highway running east and west. After crossing the highway the drain is to be cleaned out to the East line of Gerrit Brinks land, a distance of about 160 rods from said highway. All members voted "Yea".

John M. Quigley, Chairman Wm. Flipsey, Sec’y


Purpose of looking over roads and bridges - Elmer Gillett, Highway Commissioner

Met at Township Hall -

1) Looked at cement mixer and decided it would not pay to have it repaired. The highway commissioner was instructed to rent John Quigley’s mixer and pay him $.60 an hour while in use. He to keep the same in repair and furnish the gas and oil.

2) Grade and gravel from Township Hall to Fred Kort.

3) Grade from Haire Schoolhouse to Wm Cheyne, no gravel.

4) Grade from Peter Spyke corner to August Schilling.

5) Grad and gravel from John Top to German Church.

6) Grave from F. Pixley to DeBois corner

7) Take up culvert at Ponitz corner, clean out and move it up, gravel from corner to top of Ponitz Hill.

8) Grade and gravel hill on town line of Blendon and Georgetown

9) Gravel from N. DeWeerd to corner of Road District #4.

10) Grade and gavel from B. Hughes saw mill north.

11) Grave Van Aiken hill.

12) Grade and gravel Minderhout hill.

13) Put in a culvert neart Minderhout store.

P. M. Japinga, Clerk


23 January 1919

Road to commence at the center of Section 10 running South 120 rods more or less.

Application for road by -

Jacob DeVries, Jacob Rillema, Wm. Louwnaar, M. Stoll, M. Westrate, Tom VandeWiede, M. Vande Wall

Notice served on Fred Comstock, George Rillema and Jacob DeVries

Damages: George Rillema - $185, Fred Comstock - $100

They appealed the damages and received - George Rillema - $300, Fred Comstock - $180

Albert Hopp, Highway Commissioner

Fred McEachron, Justice of the Peace

DeWeerd Drain Extension - 27 May 1919

A request was made by Moncy Fabor, John Oudbier and H. Raterink to extend the DeWeerd Drain.

Commencing at a point in the creek (or natural water way), about 3 rods North of the bridge on the highway running East and West on the quarter line of Section 33 and about 15 rods West and 3 rods North of the SE corner of the SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Section 33, thence extending in a north easterly direction about 25 rods through the SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Section 33 through the land of Monse Fabor where it again empties into the creek or the natural course near the NE corner of SE 1/4 of Section 33 and about 50 rods South of the south end of the DeWeerd drain. Approved.

John M. Quigley, H. E. Jenison, and P. M. Japinga, Twp. Clerk


Bischoff and Corey Drain - 15 May 1920

A petition by Wm. Bischoff and others to clean, straighten and deepen the Bischoff and Corey Drain. Members present: F. L. Chamberlin, Supv., Bert Sweet, Justice, Fred McEachron, Justice and P. M. Japinga, Clerk. Approved.


Discontinue Highway - 11 December 1920

Application to discontinue highway running as follows: From a point 80 rods North of the SE corner of NE 1/4 of Section 15, thence in a north westerly direction to a point about 80 rods South of the NE corner of the NW 1/4 of Section 10, thence North 80 rods. (the distance of about one mile.)

Ben F. Beute, John Dood, Harry Rillema, Ben Mackus, Jacob DeVries, George Rillema, Fred Comstock,
Jacob Rillema

31 December 1920 - Highway was discontinued.

Elmer Gillett, Highway Commissioner

P. M. Japinga, Clerk


Special Notice -

"Whereas it appears to us that at the annual township meeting of the township of Georgetown, held therin on the 3rd of April 1922, A.D., the electors thereof neglected to vote such sum or sums of money as were necessary to defry the ordinary township expenses of said township; now therefore, at a regular meeting of the township board of said township, held therein on th 22nd day of April, A.D. 1922, the sum of $1,000 is hereby voted by us for the purpose aforesaid."

Witness our hands the day and year last aforesaid.

Roy H. Lowing, H. E. Jenison, B. L. Sawyer, Henry P. Stegeman, Township Board

For the purpose of deciding the necessity of repairing and building various bridges washed out during the recent heavy rains. The board met at the Hudsonville State Bank at 9 a.m. Members present: Lowing, Stegeman, Sawyer and Jenison.

We first made a short tour of inspection to the bridge which crosses the road at the farm of M. Faber in Section 33. It was decided a new bridge would be necessary for this and for the Lowing farm. It was decided to adbertise for bids. A motion was made and supported that the Township Board borro $1,000 for the necessary and extra expenses occasioned by these recent rains and the amount be spread on the tax roll for the present year. Carried.

A communication was presented from the State Highway Commissioner relative to the construction of a sidewalk on their new bridge on their new trunk line #51 in the village of Hudsonville for the estimated cost of $750. Motion was made and supported to reject the proposal for the present because of the present lack of funds. Carried.

H. P. Stegeman, Clerk


Closing of road in Section 36 - 20 October 1923

Application to close a road - commencing at a point 28 rods west of the NE corner of the west 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Section 36, thence east about 108 rods to the County Line Road running north and south between the counties of Kent and Ottawa.

George Siefert, H. E. Yeomans ,Marenus Kole, F. Young, LeRoy Tibbet, Daniel O’Connor, Clyde V. Cory,
John Taylor

Notice served on Marinus Kole, Howard Yeomans, George Siefert and John Brittian

A public hearing was held and only John Brittian objected. He stated that he was figuring on buying some land lying west of the road proposed to be vacated, and that if he should purchase this land, he would need this road to go back and forth on from where he now lives.

It was decided to discontinue the road. No damages sustained.

George Lowing, Highway Commissioner

November 11, 1923

A petition by 17 freeholders who did not attend the meeting held regarding the closing of the road and did not send their petition in the allotted time. These freeholders asked that the road not be closed.

John Wielsma, Ryner Scholma, Charles VanderLaan, Herbert Oosterink, M. Minderhout, Harm Plaggemeyer, Henry Weisenhoff, George Weisenhoff, Albert Elders, Anthony DeKorne, Lucius L. Lane, Winnie M. Lane, George Van Aiken, J. M. Quigley, John Brittian

George Lowing, the Highway Commissioner set aside his first findings and the road will not be closed.

H. P. Stegeman, Clerk


Removal of dangerous fence - 17 December 1923

Petition to remove a certain fence - running North and South along the east side of the South 3/4 of the E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 15, land owned by and occupied by Jacob DeVries, the same being a stump fence, for that the said fence is dangerous for the following reasons:

"This being an old stump fence adjoining the public highway, which is used as a regular mail rout, always causes the winter snows to lodge directly on said highway, completely blockading the same at times, thus causing needless inconveniences and expenses during the winter, as well as causing the highway to reamin in a dangerous condition long after other highways are open in the Spring.

George Rillema, Lucas Vredeveld, Thos. VanderWeide, Harry Rillema, M. Koekkoek, John Boer,Ben Mackus, Menno Van Single, Roy H. Lowing, Hiram Mackus, Matt Westrate, T. Isenga, M. Staal, Wm. R. Lowing,
Wm. Louwenaar,
F. Comstock, Benj. F. Beute, A. E. Lowing, T. H. Watson, Jacob Rillema

A letter was sent to Jacob DeVries, Jenison, Michigan notifying him that the fence was to be removed within 30 days of notice. If not done, it will be removed by the township and the expense assessed against the property.

28 December 1923 George Lowing, Commissioner of Highways

Recorded by H. P. Stegeman, Clerk


Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 23 August 2003