1872 & 1874 with a few random dates

Transcribed by Kathy Cook - Aug 2011

Original in possession of Uncle Darrell

Apr 3 1872

I have not kept diary this year till now except a few days in January but I think I shall the rest of the year in this book. The first of this month I went to Grand Haven. REN went with me. I got the papers that BENT & REN & myself sent to have registered last October & I left my deed to be recorded that BENT gave me on that 10 acres on the corner next to BILL YEMMANS. I also left a Redemption certificate for HILAND to have Recorded. I went by way of Holland. We went to UNCLE BENs - had a good visit. Took the night express at 9 o'clock & got into the Rapids about 11 o'clock staid to the Eagle Hotel. The 2nd we had to wait till about 11 o'clock for the train then went home got home to dinner. The morning of the first I made a bargain with Mr. BLACKLOCK that I should put 50 cord of wood in on his contract at 1.50 per cord & that I should receive the money - he said he had 150 cord to get in & he thought he would not have time, so he was glad to have me put in 50 cord. I am to put it in by last of June. BILL came home with REN & Me. The mill that he was working in burnt down Sunday noon.

3d Very pleasant this morn. I went up to BILLs after MOTHER but she & ANNA was going to Mrs. CROZIERs today. ETTIE went with me for a ride. REN helped me cut wood.

4th REN & I cut wood the most of the day. I went & got MOTHER in the [???]

5th cut wood today with REN.

6th cut wood part of the day then it rained.

7 pretty near sick a bed to day with a cold. I am still thankfull to my Heavenly Father for his Kindness unto me & my family.

8th REN & I sawed wood to day. I am pretty near sick with a cold on my lungs. IRA FOX & DELIA DEAN made us a call to day.

9th we had a thunder shower last night. WALLACE & REN sawed wood for me. A.M. I skiddid logs for sawing a few hours. Traded some with a peddler. P.M. REN & I sawed wood & REN stopped my dog from sucking any more eggs.

10th pretty near sick a bed. REN & I sawed about 2 cord of wood. I hired 25.00 of BENT for a couple of months. Paid him $3.22. I offered him the upright part of my house on the other place & I reserve the windows for 20.00

11th REN is at work for me nearly all the time. We sawed wood part of the day then MOTHER CENTER & I went to the Rapids & done some trading. I went & got some med. of Dr. BISSEL?. Mr. LINACRE came with us home & his wife as far as the Depot

12th it rained some A.M. so REN & I did not saw. We worked some. P.M. I drawed manure.

13th BILL & REN sawed for me today. I am so near sick with a cold that I did not do much.

14th was no meeting today. I feel worried about the spiritual welfare of this people. O Lord let me put all in thy care.

15th I got a quarter of beef from BENT. He bought a house of me & is to pay me 20.00 for it - the bed came to 6.96 - it commenced to snow before day light & before dark there was about 7 inches of snow on the ground.

16th the snow was so deep that I did not do much A.M. P.M. REN helped me draw manure part of the time and sowed some grass seed after supper - it thawed the snow to about 2 inches before night

17th REN & I sawed part of the forenoon. P.M. I drawed some rail cuts out of the mud. ETTIE & MOTHER went up there & we all staid to supper

18th BILL helped REN & they sawed for me part of the day. I worked with them some.

19th REN & I sawed 2 foot wood A.M. & BILL & REN sawed for me P.M. I worked with them a while then I went to plowing garden.

20th I finished plowing Garden & put in some onions & peas & row potatoes & a paper of carrots

21 there was no meeting to day - I staid at home the most of the day. I went over to W. WHIPPLEs for a while in the Eve.

22 I sawed wood to day. REN helped me till he had the ague then WILLIE DEAN helped me. REN had a hard chill

23 I helped Mr. DEAN A.M. with my team. P.M. I [whowed?] at home.

24 I plowed the most of the time for oats. I took MOTHER & my ETTIE over to DECATORs & went after them. I feel to thank my Heavenly Father that it is as well with me as it is. I have a hope in Christ.

25 I plowed till after 3 oclock & broke my wheel standard then I had to go to the Rapids & git another - HILAND pd me 2.00

26 I plowed & dragged for oats

27 I plowed & dragged & picked up roots to day

28 There was no meeting to day

29 I sowed my oats & grass seed to day & WILLIE dragged them in with my team then we leveled the soddiest places down. I got 29.00 of BENT to day & pd MOTHER 10.00

30 I went to JENNISONs on the cars A.M. & got some Garden seeds & groceries. WILLIE helped me sow Garden seeds P.M. the wind has blowed a good deal this spring.

May 1st I helped Mr. DEAN with my team to day.

2nd I helped BILL with my team to day

3d I helped DEAN with my team to day

4th I went to JENNISONs to day & Grandville. Got some things to make a plaster for MARY ETTA. To night I thank my Heavenly Father for his many blessings unto me & unto the Children of men.

Apr 12th [He must have meant May 12th] There has nothing unusual been done for the last few days except I sold REN my little horse on the other place. he gives me 18 days work - I finished plowing my cornfield Friday - it rained yesterday. ETTIE & MOTHER & I went to Mr. DEANs a little while to day - the trees have leaved out & look green - apple trees & peach are in blossom.

October 31, 1872 I sold my team to [Don?] SKEELS for $165.00. I lent FRANK HENDRICKS 5.00 & MOTHER 5.00 - pd JAMES BARKER 30.00 & pd. JOHN HENDRICKS 35.00. I had on hand 5.25.

Nov. 16th it snows very fast this Eve. & it commenced the night of the 13th. Has been stormy nearly all the time. The snow is nearly a foot deep I think. I went to the station this Eve. expecting there would be meeting but I guess it was to stormy. There was meeting today but I did not know of it till after it was out. I left a letter with WORDEN BARNABY to mail for MOTHER. Sending for the guide to be continued & has a book titled "Help to Every Day Holiness". the Bible is good & the book ought to be. I feel thankfull to my Heavenly Father that he has guided me this far & that he has been so kind to me. I have shelter from the storm & have the comforts of life & more a hope beyond the grave of a glorious resurrection.

Nov 17 1872 Has snowed pretty near all day & quite cold. REN helped me kill & dress my calf & I sold Mr. DEAN one of the hind quarters & took one to Bro. WARNER. The hide & one quarter brought $2.32. I fitted my pig pen for a little warmer & sat in the house some.

Nov 19th Snowed a good deal. ABIAL DENSMORE & AMACA RICHARDSON & JAMES BUCANNAN came this Eve. I went & let 75 cord of my contract of the front road. So JAMES DECATOR he is to take it off from my hands & to get it in according to my contract.

Nov 20 I visited with the Boys a while in the morning then went over to HILANDs & bought his 2 calves. Gave him 7.67. I got them home & made a place in the barn for them to keep comfortable. It is pretty cold to night.

Nov 21 I went & got BENT to help me shell corn but he broke his sheller in about 1 1/2 hours so we had to quit till Eve. When he broke it again REN & I went & dug a place to water the cattle but we had to dig so deep that it did not make a good place - the water is very low in the ground - it is snowing this Eve. & the wind blowing quite hard.

Nov. 22d 1872 Foggy & misty & snowed a little. I went to the station & got some groceries & oil & got BENT corn sheller minded for him. Then after dinner BENT helped me shell corn till night. I pd him one dollar & I bought his bit stalk of him - gave him my old pocket knife & .25

Nov 23rd 1872 I built part of a wood shed - REN helped me 3/4 day. ABIAL & JAMES Bucannan came after noon. It has been pleasant the most of the day.

Nov 24th 1872 Thawed some to day - we all went over to Uncle DEANs a few minutes.

Nov 25th 1872 has been quite pleasant - ABIAL & JAMES & REN helped me cut wood to day - we cut about 4 1/2 card

Nov 26th 1872 We helped BILL saw logs for skid way

Nov 27 stormed so that ABIAL & I did not work but 1/2 day.

Nov 28 Stormed & was very cold. ABIAL froze his toes. We cut wood all day

Nov. 29 Very stormy - it snowed so that we sit in the house most of the day. We concluded we could stand a good deal of rest.

Nov. 30th 1872 ABIAL & JAMES & I started to go to Father YEMMANS - we intended to go to JENNISONs on the train but it did not come along till after noon & we got hungry & came home. did not do much but set work the list of the day

Dec. 1st Sunday JAMES & ABIEL went over to BILLs. I staid at home. with ETTIE.

Dec. 2 / 72 ABIAL & I went over to Mother Yemmanes - went round by JENNISONs on the train. We had a good visit. Mother was pretty well. We got home about 4 oclock.

Dec. 3d / 72 CHARLIE RICHARDSON came here with his wife and [Nervie?] We all went home with them. We all except MOTHER & ETTIE went to hear BOLT sing. I went home with CHARLIE but ABIEL & JIM staid with FRED.

Dec 4th / 72 We all went to Uncle CHARLESes & visited then CHARLIE took us home

Dec 5th / 72 BILL took us to the Depot in the morning - we went to the Rapids. & the Boys went to JERVES. We staid till the Evening train - got some pictures taken. MOTHER bought and paid for a Bureau & Rocking chair & I bought a stove for REN. They were to ship the goods to Hudsonville.

Dec. 6th 1872 I did not do much to day. I took a bad cold yesterday & do not feel very well. We got the news of Horace Greeley's death this Eve. in our paper.

Dec. 7th / 72 I did not do much but make a watering place for the cows. I have been nearly sick with my cold

Dec. 8th / 72 I have rested pretty well to day. Mr. HENDRICKS visited here to day - took dinner with us - it is severely cold this eve. - has been changeable for a number of days, but some sleighing nearly all the time.

Dec. 9th 1872 Exceedingly cold. I chopped wood part of the day. Mr. HENDRICKS came & wanted to Board with me this winter. I told him I would board him for 3.00 per week.

Dec. 10 Quite cold. I went to JENNISONs Mills with JIM. Took 8 1/2 bu. of wheat - had it stored. Got 100 weight of flower & 57 of brand. I got 250 feet of lumber & paid for it 3.00. Mr. HENDRICKS came to day - fetched his bed & we cleared out the chambers & put up his bed. MOTHER YEMMANS is here this Eve.

Dec 11th / 72 Pleasant. REN & I finished the wood shed all but the door & [betning?] the roof. I bought 2 yearling heifers & 1 calf, of JIM FLANARY pd. him 35.00 he said the white faced one come in Apr. 7th. I went to HORACEs store traded some & pd my acct. there & freight on RENs stove & MOTHERs bureau & chair.

Dec. 12 Quite cold. I went to the depot & got MOTHER's Bureau & chair. I sawed the ends of my white cows horns off & also the white faced heiffer. They were too sharp. I moved the fence so the cattle could run to the straw shack.

I have quite good health. & I still trust in the Lord. He is kind to me & I thank him for his kindness.

Dec 13th / 72 Dark Cloudy weather. I have not done much but my chores & help ETTIE in the house. Went over to WHIPPLEs & got MOTHER CENTER to come home.

Dec. 14th 1872 has been thawing to day & rain this Eve. I chopped some wood for our use at home. Lent Mr. HENDRICKS 2 dollars. We got EMMERY's pictures this Eve.

Dec 15th 1872 - cool & cloudy. I have been at home all day. Have not been well.

Dec. 16th 1872 - Pleasant & moderately cold. I cut some stove wood & BILL drawed a couple of loads to the house for me.

Dec. 17th 1872 - I chopped some 4 foot wood & helped BENT butcher 2 hogs.

Dec. 18th / 72 Cold but pleasant. I went to see SIKE & colected 1.00. BENT pd me 50 & I filed DUTCH JOHNS saw & he pd me .30 I also filed a saw for REN. I started to go to the Rapids to night but only got to WALLACEs & saw the train coming so I came back.

Dec 19 / 72 I think this has been the coldest day this winter. I got Father YEMMANS to help me make a door & hang it to go into the woodshed. I helped raise the Mill P.M.

Dec 20th / 72 Cold. it snowed 9 inches last night. I have not done much but chores to day. Went over to DECATORs to see if he was getting out that rail road wood. He has not done anything to it yet.

Dec 21st / 72 the coldest day this season. I dug a watering place for the cattle. Water is low. I fixed up round the barn & corked up the chamber a good deal.

Dec 22d / 72 It was exceeding cold last night. JIM froze his ears watering the horses. I find that it is about as cold to day as yesterday. It is hard keeping warm by the stove.

Dec 23d / 72 Very stormy & cold. I chopped some wood & went over to BILLs a little while.

Dec 24th / 72 Exceeding cold, said by old settler to be the coldest day in 8 years. 32 below zero. I went to the depot in the morning but the cars got stalled this side of Vriesland & we did not go till about 2 oclock & did not come back till nine & got some oysters & other things for Christmas.

Dec. 25th 1872 Stormy & pretty cold. JAMES DECATOR came over & said he would get in the wood if I wanted him to. I am glad he did. I could not get it out very well. Mr. HENDRICKS did the chores yesterday.

Dec 26th 1872 Cold. I chopped some wood A.M. & P.M. Mr. HENDRICKS helped me saw one hour. Anson Hardy came here this Eve. to get married by Mr. HENDRICKS but Mr. HENDRICKS did not do it. It was 9 oclock.

Dec. 27th / 72 Sun shines bright - but the snow drifts & it is pretty cold. I bargained with REN to take one fore quarter of my beef. his own offer was six dollars for it. I sent the money by Mr. HENDRICKS & paid my taxes - they were 8.43. I lent Mr. HENDRICKS 6.37. Went to school meetting - didint do ??. Sike pd. me 5.00

Dec. 28th /72 I killed my beef to day. Sold one half to REN for $11.00. He sold some to BENT & BENT is to pay me $4.05. JIM drawed a load of wood to the house for me from across the road. EMMERY commenced walking alone today. The Lord has been kind to give me a fair & good child.

January 13th 1874 Snowed P.M. I have kept diary in memorandum of old diary of 1873. I will keep it in this now. I chopped wood A.M. P.M. I drawed a load of wood for Uncle DEAN & one to the depot. & got ready another load to start in the morn. if the Lord permit.

Jan. 14 Quite cold & blustering some of the time. I drawed a load of wood to the station & took a load to meeting with my oxen. DEANs & HILANDs folks? went part of .... [sentence not finished]

Jan. 15th 1874 Real cold. I drawed 4 loads of wood to the station & one to the house & got some hay into the Barn. REN helped me draw the hay

Jan. 16th I drawed wood. BILL drawed for me & so did ATKINS & Mr. WARNKE. We measured 21 5/8 cords. Today has been rather cold. I paid Mr. WARNKE Jr. 20.00 & his father 7.37 & BILL 6.18. HORACE has stopped buying beech wood or top wood.

Jan. 17th Been pleasant. I drawed 1 load of wood to depot & a load of hay for BILL & some wood for the house. Paid ATKINS 7.50 & WARNKE Sr. 6.00

Jan. 18th 1874 Rained part of the day & snowed part of the day. I went to meeting with my oxen. ETTIE & Delia went with me. REN is here this Eve. has gone to bed & so will I. I went over to Bro. JAMES BARKER a little while.

Jan. 19th Snowed & Rained & snowed A.M. P.M. I drawed wood 4 loads. I paid WILLIE DEAN 6.00 today - 1.00 cash & the five [???] BILL. I signed a note with WILLIAM YEMMANS for [fam?] mill 34.00 or more. I am to pay BILL what I owe him on the note.

January 20th 1874 Cloudy & snows fast this Eve. I have drawed a big load of wood today. I made a bargain with HORACE HUDSON to take 20 cords of beech wood on my acct to him. I am to draw it when he wants it. REN heard the bargain. HORACE is to credit me 40.00 for it or 2.00 per cord. My white cow came in today. JIM ATKINS drawed one load of wood for me today.

Jan. 21st 1874 has been warm & cloudy & rained fast part of A.M. I drawed 4 load of wood to depot today. Not much snow. We got a letter from Mr. HENDRICKS today.

Jan 22d 1874 Rained all last night & today did not stop for a milking spell. I split some wood in woodshed - went to the store & got some oisters & crackers. The water is very high in the crick run over the rail road.

Jan. 23d Pleasant & thawed. I drawed wood to depot. Took up tax receipt on 10 acre lot that I sold WILLIE DEAN 2.71

Jan. 24th 1874 Cold & stormy. I drawed about 4 or 5 cords of wood today & JIM ATKINS drawed 3 loads for me & BILL 2. We measured 1 pile & there is two more to measure yet.

Jan 25th I have enjoyed resting very much today. Have been at home all day. Quite cold.

Jan. 26th 1874 Pleasant - I drawed wood all day. Measured 9 cords today

Jan 27th Rained & snowed all day. I drawed one load of wood.

Jan. 28 Pleasant. I drawed wood all day. Paid BENT 25.93

Jan. 29th 1874 Pleasant but cold enough so the road did not thaw up. I drawed about 5 cords of wood to station & a load of hay to Barn.

Jan. 30th Cold & stormy. I drawed 4 loads of wood to the station. I am very thankfull to my Heavenly Father for health & so many blessings that he gives me.

Jan. 31st 1874 Cold. I drawed wood & went to the grange in the Eve.

Feb. 1st 1874 Pleasant but cold wind. ETTIE & I went to meeting. Had a good meeting.

Feb. 2d I drawed wood for Mr. DEAN A.M. P.M. I drawed a load to the station. Split some wood. ETTIE & MOTHER & the Boys went over to Uncle DEANs with me.

Feb. 3d 1874 I cut wood A.M. & P.M. I drawed a load to the station and some to the house.

Feb. 4th I helped cut wood A.M. REN & WILLIE helped me all day. I drawed 2 loads. It snowed some.

Feb. 5th 1874 Mild winter weather & good sleighing. I drawed about 3 1/2 cords wood to HORACE today.

Feb. 6th I drawed some wood to the station - has been cold.

Feb. 7th Quite pleasant. I drawed 2 loads of wood to station & took ETTIE & Mrs. Chamberlin to the school house - expected there would be covenant meeting but was not.

Feb. 8th Quite cold. I have rested nicely today.

Feb. 9th 1874 Quite cold but pleasant the most of the day. I cut wood today.

Feb. 10th Cold wind but a nice time to work. Sleighing is good. I cut & drawed wood.

Feb. 11th Pleasant - very. I drawed wood. I paid Mr. ATKINS & REN DENSMORE one Dollar Each. I am going to a missionary meeting this Eve.

Feb. 12th Thawed all day. I have drawed wood today 4 load. Sleighing is most gone & HORACE has stopped paying money for wood.

Feb 13th 1874 Exceedingly pleasant. I cut my big pine down and sawed some shingle timber out of it. Was hollow a ways from the but. WILLIE helped me cut it.

Feb. 14th very pleasant. I drawed some shingle [Bolts?] to the house & trimmed some Tree tops A.M. RICHARDSON & AUNT ELIZA is here tonight.

Feb. 15 Pleas part of the day. Snowed some & Rained some. I went to meeting but there was none preaching. Elder STORRS preaches funeral sermon in his neighborhood.

Feb. 16th 1874 Pleasant. WILLIE & I cut logs P.M. A.M. I cut wood to the house.

Feb. 17th Very pleasant - WILLIE & I cut logs all day.

Feb. 18th Very pleasant - we all went to Mr. DECATORs a visiting - came home about 1/2 past 2 P.M. then WILLIE & I cut logs.

Feb. 19th Cloudy & damp. I helped WILLIE cut shingle Bolts & kindling wood & stakes.

Feb. 20th 1874 Very pleasant. I helped WILLIE cut wood A.M. Worked for myself P.M. I sent out a grist by EARL ROBINSON 6 bu. wheat.

Feb. 21st Cloudy but warm as Aprill. BENT helped me shell 25 bu. corn.

Feb. 22d Cloudy but thawed all day. I went to meeting - heard Mr. HILL preach. He preached from the text believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

Feb. 23d 1874 Cold & stormy. Wind blowed hard last night & today. I cut wood in the wood shed part of the day - drawed in a little hay & a load of wood. Cut down a large pine stub? on the other place. It killed a very large fox squirrel in falling.

Feb 24th Very pleasant. WILLIE hired to me today - is to work till first of May for 1.25 per day & take my note for pay on one years time.

Feb. 25th 1874 Stormy part of the day - quite cold. WILLIE & I cut wood.

Feb. 26th - Cloudy & cold - sprinkled some snow. I worked with my team some for WILLIE & some for myself & we cut wood

Feb 27th - Very pleasant. WILLIE & I cut wood 3/4 of the day then I went to see William WARNKE that I can not pay him tomorrow. He said it was all right.

Feb. 28th quite pleasant & muddy. I chopped some A.M. & P.M. I took my folks visiting to ANNIES - had a good visit.

March 1st 1874 Pleasantly warm but cloudy. I started for meeting again but there was another funeral at Blendon so we did not have meeting.

March 2d Very pleasant & warm. I chopped alone today. I gave REN my Note for 20.00 today to pay Bal. of acct. & for wood that he is cutting 10 cords.

March 3d Rained a good share of the day. I split wood in the wood shed - went to the store & traded a little - killed six chickens & we dressed them for market - cut 1/2 cord of wood

March 4th 1874 Pleasant - WILLIE & I cut 30 inch wood today.

March 5th Thawed but a cold wind. We cut wood about 3 1/4 cords. 30 inch long.

March 6th Cloudy wet & warm. I have been laying over with a cold today. I paid my taxes on both places today. Pd. for REN & JIM - in all 15.40 - paid for WALLACE 2.50

March 7th Stormy & Windy. I have been laid up with a cold.

March 8th 1874 Very Stormy. My cold is some better. Sister Libbie is here today visiting.

March 9th Pleasanter. We cut wood today

March 10th Quite pleasant - the most of the day WILLIE & I cut wood - I let my house to Mr. BLACKLOCK for 6 months from the 1st of April & garden 1/2 acre for 4.00 per month.

March 11th Quite cold a few flakes of snow. We cut wood

March 12th 1874 Cold & Windy. I chopped most of the day alone. Went & agreed with DUD to make me a wagon.

Mar 13 Pretty Cold. WILLIE & I cut wood all day

March 14 Quite Pleasant - I cut some wood, fitted Mr. BLACKLOCKs saw

March 15th Quite pleasant - I staid at home with ETTIE & let MOTHER go to meeting A.M. - I went in the Eve. I feel that I love the Lord & trust in him.

March 16th Pleasant & warm. I chopped wood alone

March 17th Rained part of the day - was warm - I cut wood - WILLIE helped

March 18 Very warm. WILLIE & I cut wood all day. The spring birds & the frogs sing merrily. I enjoy spring. I thank the Lord for the many blessings he bestows upon me & my family. also unto all the children of men.

March 19th Pleasant quite. We cut wood all day.

March 20 Very Pleasant We cut wood till 4 oclock - I went & got BILLs wagon & drawed a load of wood to the house

March 21 Pleasant but a cold wind. I drawed 2 cords of wood to DUD - set my saw - drawed a load to the house, took ETTIE over to see Libbie WALLACE a little while. Took BENTs straw hacker home

March 22d Cold wind - I went to meeting in the Eve. CRATE? preached - Chas CovEY spoke & very good.

March 23rd Cold wind - we sawed wood about 4 cords

March 24th I went to the Rapids A.M. P.M. sawed for WILLIE DEAN. Very cold wind

March 25th Cold wind till about 10 A.M. & then it began to snow. Snowed till about noon then rained steady all the rest of the day. I cut wood A.M.

March 26th Snowed a little - quite cold wind. I done a good job chopping today - worked alone

March 27 Pleasant but cold west wind. WILLIE & I sawed wood. After supper went & helped WALLACE get his cow out of a water hole.

March 28th Cold clear & windy. I went to [Canns??] Cut some wood & got my chain hooked & went to the grange. Bro. MARCH? staid with me tonight.

March 29th Clear cold & windy. I went & heard Elder STORRS preach at 11 oclock & CHAS COVEY at 3. ETTIE went with me.

March 30 Cold & windy. I chopped A.M. P.M. I dug parsnips & get ready for town

March 31 Very cold & windy east wind. I went to Rapids with BILLs team sold Carrots & parsnips for .20 cts for bu. Potatoes .95 - got home 11 P.M.

April 1 A little warmer. I cut 2 trees down & helped DEANs with team 1/4 day. Drawed DUD a load of wood & picked up a load of large chips

Apr 2d Windy clear & not very warm. The ground was white this morn with snow. I have been most sick with cold I expect. I chopped part of the day.

Apr 3d Very cold - Snowed a little. I went to Grandville to Mrs. BEAUMONT's funeral was one of the BEAMERs?. I got very cold rideing out there - got home about 5 o'clock

Apr 4 Pleasant but cold. I chopped part of the day. Went to Covenant meeting - had a refreshing time.

Apr 5 Snowed nearly all day. I have been at home all day except ETTIE & I went over to DEANs & HILANDs a few minutes.

Apr 6 More pleasant but quite cold. I went to town meeting - got home to dinner. I chopped P.M. went over to Cunninghams in the Eve - he is very sick. The votes for supervisors were just a tie.

Apr 7 Pleasant - WILLIE & I cut wood - I drawed a load to DUDs after supper

Apr 8th 1874 Quite pleasant. WILLIE & I cut wood. I let REN have 7.00 worth of lumber. Paid BENT for 600 cut of hay.

Apr 9th Pleasant - I skidded my fire logs A.M. BILL has been carting them into the mill. P.M. I cut some wood - went to the store & see Mr. FRIES hired 100.00 dollars of him - gave him my note with BILL. I paid HORACE 14.50 for a steel mold bord plow - paid WINFIELD ATKINS 8.15 & Wm. WARNKE 10.00

Apr 10 Quite pleasant. I went to the Rapids & Bought a wagon. I give 75.00 with box spring seat. I cut wood P.M.

Apr 11th Snowed A.M. & a cold north east wind. I carted logs to the mill.

Apr 12th Quite pleasant. I went over to BILLs and got my new wagon. BILL went after it yesterday. We all went to meeting. The boys was quite still for the first time.

Apr 13th Warmer. WILLIE & I cut logs & wood till supper then I went to DUDs with part of a load of wood. ETTIE & EMERY went with me.

Apr 14 - I have been most sick today. I set up with DUDLEY last night.

Apr 15th - Pleasant - I cut logs & skidded A.M. P.M. WILLIE & I drawed lumber from the slide.

Apr 16th Quite pleasant but cool. I drawed a load of lumber & plowed some garden A.M. P.M. I drawed manure for DEAN.

Apr. 17th Pleasant - I went after the doctor for Libbie Chamberlin & worked the rest of the day for DEAN

Apr 18 Very pleasant. I dug a well on the other place & got a load of lumber.

Apr 19th Cloudy & quite cool the most of the day. I staid at home with ETTIE & MOTHER went to meeting at 11 oclock. A.M. I went up to WALLACEs & see the Boy.

Apr 20th Some rain. I worked part of the day to DEANs - made a wagon shed for myself A.M. & filed some lumber.

Apr 21 Pleasant - I worked to DEANs all day with my team

Apr 22d Pleasant. I went with BILL to KRONEMEYERs & got 559 lb. of hay for myself & 1080 for BILL. P.M. WILLIE & I put a top rail on my fence round the wheat lot

Apr 23 Pleasant the most of the day. Real cold in the morning - sprinkled a few flakes of snow. I worked for DEAN A.M. & P.M. WILLIE helped me get out manure.

Apr 24 Pleasant - freezes hard nights. We drawed out manure all day. I took about 4 bu. potatoes to H. & got 1.00 per bu.

Apr 25 Pleasant & dry. I drawed out manure the most of the day. Helped BILL & REN fight fire a little while. Paid WARNKE all up today.

Apr. 26 Pleasant. ETTIE & I & EMERY went to meeting at 2. I went over to COVEY's with WM. DEAN after supper. I signed 10.00 towards supporting CHARLEY here 6 months - he preaches good.

Apr 27th Pleasant. I drawed manure on the orchard & garden all day. UNCLE URIAH was here a few minutes this eve.

Apr 28 Pleasant but cold winds & frosty nights. I drawed manure the most of the day on the other place.

Apr 29th Quite pleasant. I plowed for DEAN all day on that new piece next the swamp

Apr 30th Pleasant. I drawed in DEANs buckets & flowed on my potatoe ground on my other place. I gave WILLIE a note of 20 this morn. He now owes me 54

May 1st Pleasant - a little shower in the Eve. I plowed all day on my potatoe ground.

May 2d Pleasant - I plowed A.M. P.M. I took my family over to Mrs. HUDSONs visiting. I staid too - got my dray of DUD & went to the grange in the evening.

May 3d Cold wind from Nor. East. I went to meeting at 2 oclock. I am very thankfull that the Lord has given me so many privileges & means of grace.

May 4 Cloudy. I plowed & dragged all day. Sent over to Mr. FRIES and got a little hay. Went to a lecture in the Eve.

May 5th Pleasant but dry & dusty. I drawed wood to the Rail Road today. 30 inch. We all had our heads examined by a Phrenolegist today Dr. BODSFORD

May 6th I drawed wood A.M. P.M. I drawed on the other place & took BROOKES 2 bu. potatoes

May 7th Pleasant but very dry. I plowed some & drawed some wood. Went to the station & got MOTHER. She went to the Rapids on the morn. train.

May 8th 1874 Warm & dry & windy. I plowed & dragged today. Sold JIM FLANEY 1/2 bu. potatoes

May 9th warm & dry & windy. Fires are running all round. I fought fire part of the day. Plowed the rest of the garden A.M. Let LEROY FRANKLIN a peace of land for potatoes. He is to keep the ground clean. is to dig up to the stumps. I furnish seed & he gives me half in half bushel.

May 10th Hot & dry. I have rested nicely today. Went up to WALLACEs a few min with my Family.

May 11th Hot & dry A.M. P.M. it rained a little. REN, WINFIELD & I made Board fence. P.M. I got the lumber & posts.

May 12th Had a nice shower - I planted some garden stuff - squashes mellons carrots cucumbers corn &. &

May 13th Pleasant. REN helped LUTHER WOLF 2 1/2 hours for me & we planted corn on the other place the rest of the day.

May 14 Pleasant. REN & I planted corn & potatoes & beans & I plowed some.

May 15th Rained part of the day. REN moved the stairs & made a calf pen. I plowed & dragged in the orchard. I let WILLIE COVEY have 1 bu. potatoes.

May 16 Rained a while in the forenoon. I went & got LINACREs froe - was going to make shingles but it cleared off so I went to plowing in the orchard. Finished plowing & dragging the orchard & REN planted that back piece to corn & some potatoes in the orchard.

May 17 Quite cold. ETTIE & I went to the school house then went over to DECATORs & see the twins ?TIBBITS?

May 18 Pleasant. I finished planting corn & piled some Rail R. wood & REN worked at MOTHERs room - got out the sills & partly framed them. We had frost last night.

May 19 Showery P.M. WILLIE helped me file 30 inch wood A.M. 4 hours. REN worked on the building - got it up. I helped him P.M. We helped HILAND get his hog home. He could not drive it.

May 20 Quite pleasant. I drawed 30 inch wood the most of the day. LUTE WOLF helped me file some after supper.

May 21 Pleasant. I drawed the rest of 30 inch wood out & BENT measured it & paid me for it. I paid him all up but 15.00 on the 20.00 note that I gave to REN. My wood came to 38.00. LUTHER WOLF helped me P.M. & I dragged 1/4 day for BILL YEMMANS.

May 22 Pleasant. I helped BILL mark corn ground.

May 23 Pleasant. I helped BILL plant potatoes & we got out a yoke stick.

May 24 Pleasant. ETTIE & I went to meeting. We organized a Sunday School. I was chosen assistant supt.

May 25 Pleasant & cool. I drawed wood to the station. Paid HENSHAW 4.00

May 26 Very Pleasant. I drawed wood today.

May 27 Pleasant. Drawed wood & measured it. Have got 20.25 worth to HORACE.

May 28 Very warm. I drawed wood out on the road & piled it up. Roy helped me P.M.

May 29 Very warm. Had a little shower. Drawed out a load of wood & shopped some.

May 30 Dry & warm. I had to fight fire. My follow burnt all over today - got a nice Burn. I watched Mr. SMITHs fence till near midnight.

May 31 Hot & dry. I had to work to keep the fire out of SMITH's and WHIPPLE's fences. I got time to go to meeting with ETTIE.

June 1st 1874 Dry & warm. I cut some wood & worked in the follow.

June 2 Warm & dry. Sprinkled this Eve. I split posts today. Took ETTIE & the boys out riding after supper.

June 3d 1874 Pleasant. I logged out fence row & drawed rails & lumber.

June 4 Hot & dry. Had a little rain & lots of wind about sun down. Bro. JIM & I made fence on the other place next to SMITHs.

June 5 Warm. We made fence again. BILL cultivated for me. It rained after supper. Mrs. FRANKLIN was here.

June 6 Hot. JIM & I made fence in the lane A.M. P.M. ETTIE & MOTHER & the boys & I went to Cov. Meeting.

June 7 Pleasant. ETTIE & I went to meeting. I took charge of Sunday School. We had a very heavy thunder shower last night.

June 8 Rained last night but was hot today. JIM & REN worked for me P.M. REN all day. ETTIE, EMERY & I went to the store - got some nails & shingles & a little lumber.

June 9 Showers. JIMMIE & I finished Barn yard fence. REN worked at the house.

June 10 Cloudy & showery. We hoed the garden & worked on the house.

June 11 Warm. JIM & I cut wood A.M. & P.M. we hoed corn. REN worked at the house. I sold JAMES BARKER 5 acres of land off of the 20 I bought of WALLACE & I sold LORENZO DENSMORE five 5 acres of land off of the east end of the same 20 acres. He is to pay 50.00 an acre & is to pay 100.00 within a year & fifty dollars a year after that payment.

June 12 Very cold for the season. It rained a little A.M. I hoed corn. JIM & REN went to the horse fair.

June 13 Quite pleasant. JAMES helped me hoe & REN worked for me on the house A.M. & P.M. on the road. We had frost last night.

June 14 Pleasant. We all went to meeting today.

June 15 Showery. I hoed a little while in corn.

June 16 Showery. I worked on the road.

June 17 1874 Pleasant. I hoed corn. I thank my Heavenly Father for the Blessings he gives to us & to the Children of men.

June 18 Pleasant. JIM & I hoed all day.

June 19 Pleasant but hot. I partly made a hay barn. JIM helped me P.M.

June 20 Hot. I drawed JIM some lumber & worked on my hay barn.

June 21 Warm Exceedingly. Charley & folk were here today.

June 22 Cooler some. I commenced haying today a little.

June 23 Worked in the hay. So warm we could not do much

June 24 Got in some hay & cut some. Very hot weather

June 25 Rainey. We got in one load of hay before the rain wet it much.

June 26 1874 Very warm. I have bushed? a good many times today. Got in one load of hay & got the south field all cut.

June 27 Very warm - Exceedingly. I got in a load of hay & JIM cultivated part of the day. I haven't been able to work much. Went to JENNISONsville on fr?

June 28 ETTIE & I went to meeting & S. School.

June 29 Pleasant & cool. JIM, WINFIELD & I worked in the hay today.

June 30 Nice hay weather & I improved it.

July 1 Good hay weather. WINFIELD, JIM & I worked at the hay. Got it all cut & all stacked but one load & that is cocked up nice.

July 2 Pleasant. I hoed in the garden & went to Rapids. Pd F & J 5.00

July 3 Rained a little A.M. I helped clean & arrange seats in the Picnick grounds today. Paid HENSHAW 5.00

July 4 Pleasant. We all went out on the Picnick. Grounds & heard the oration - had a good time. Father YEMANS & his family came here. We took dinner before we went out. DUDLEY CUNNINGHAMs shop burned today with a horse in it.

Oct 24 1874 I paid to HOMER HUDSON 10.00 to apply on my note given to L. P. DENSMORE.

January 9 1876 We are having a thunder shower. It is warm & has been nearly all the fall & winter. I took charge of the Sunday School today - had attendance & a good School. I thank the Lord for his goodness unto me and to the children of men.

Oct 4th 1881 I have been to the Rapids to day to order a stone for MOTHERs grave. I miss her - she was a good mother & feared & loved God. I am thankfull the Lord gave me such a mother. I praised his Holy name for his goodness unto me. My 2 oldest boys are at school & JESSIE is at home. The Lord has given me 3 good little boys. I love them & love the Lord for his Goodness.


Marriage Certificate of George W. Densmore and Mary Etta Center at Pulaski, Jackson County, Michigan


GR Herald 25 Oct 1910 (morning)


HUDSONVILLE, Mich., Oct. 24. ---- George Densmore, aged 15, lost both legs tonight while jumping off a train on which he was with two other boys taking a ride out of town a short distance. He cannot recover. It has been the custom of the town boys, it is stated, to hang about the depot and jump trains. Densmore's companions tonight were Chester Coburn and Robert Waite.


Hudsonville Lad Slipped And Fell Under Wheels


Victim's Legs Were Cruished When He Lost Hold.

George Densmore, Fifteen Years Old, Lost Life While Following Example of Others.

(Special to The Evening Press)

Hudsonville, Oct. 25. - While catching a ride on a Pere-Marquette freight train as it was passing through this village last night, George Densmore, fifteen years old, slipped from under the step of a freight car and fell under the wheels.

Both legs were cut off and he died within a short time after the accident.

It is said that some of the older boys had made a practice of catching on trains and that Densmore was only following an example which had become a habit with the boys of the village.


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