Lamont Halfway House Stagecoach stop


Lamont, Michigan, Halfway House Stagecoach Stop


The Lamont Halfway House was erected in 1859 on the lot owned by DeWitt and Dudley called the DeWitt-Dudley Reserve. The Halfway House was a stop along the stagecoach route into Kent County. The former hotel is located on the corner of Leonard St. and 48th St. in Lamont, Michigan, and is now a private home. Photo by Joan Van Spronsen, Indexed County Ownership Map, Ancestry


Grand Rapids was the hub of stagecoach lines in the western part of the state. In 1856 there were 11 stagecoach lines from Grand Rapids, according to Michigan Gazetteers.
As the Lamont village grew, the roads being roughly laid, a stagecoach operated by Samuel Porter supplied the people with the first means of land transportation.

Many of the stage coach stops were at small farmhouses on the less trafficked areas. The owner of the inn usually provided a place where the driver might keep a change of horses and obtain minor repairs to the coach and harness. There was a blacksmith shop and livery stable behind the Lamont Halfway House for this purpose. Meals would be provided for those who wanted them. If a storm preverted the stagecoach from traveling, space would be found to provide beds for the stranded travelers.

1866-IRS Tax Assessment List-- stage receipts, Samuel Porter, stagecoach operator.


Official sign of the Lamont Halfway House stagecoach stop.

Photo of the Halfway House sign was taken from the booklet On the Michigan Stage by David and Marilyn Hanks, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1970. Photo scanned by Joan Van Spronsen.

The sign was missing from the Halfway House property in 2013.

Photos of the Halfway House taken from On the Michigan Stage by David and Marilyn Hanks, Grand Rapids, 1970. Photos scanned by Joan Van Spronsen

This photo of the dining room, looking toward the back of the house, shows the original doors and hardware. The dining room of today was the original cooking area
and the cheery breakfast room was the original pantry.


The dining room of the Halfway House.


A view through the dining room doors to the parlor.


The upstairs bedroom has the door which is seen on the outside of the house, above the main entrance. To the left is an eybrow or "lie on your belly" window.

The old summer kitchen or pantry is now used as a breakfast room.


The location of the Halfway House Stagecoach Stop


Photos and description taken from On the Michigan Stage, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1979, by David and Marilyn Hanks. Photos scanned by Joan Van Spronsen.

Hotelkeepers at the Halfway House Hotel

Solomon Snyder, born PA

1850 U.S. Federal Census, Newark, NY

1860 U. S. Federal Census Polkton, MI, carpenter, Coopersville

1863 U. S. Tax Assessment Licenses, Solomon Snyder

Lamont hotel--$5.00

Lamont Retail in liquor--$20.00

1870 U. S. Federal Census, Polkton, Ottawa, MI, farmer, Eastmanville

1880 U. S. Federal Census Tallmadge, Ottawa, age 64. Died 1891, age 73 years and 3 months.

At one time there were two hotels in Lamont.

1865 IRS Tax Assessment List

William Blakeney-- Hotel $10.00

1865 IRS Tax Assessment List

Michael Carpenter--Hotel $10.00

Retail in Liquor $25.00

1866 IRS Tax Assessment List

William Blakeney--Hotel $10.00

1897 Coopersville Observer, August 20, 1897

The Secretary of the Board of Trade, with three other gentlemen, came down the Grand River on Wednesday and took dinner at the Lamont Hotel. Tallmadge Township and Lamont 1881-1899 by Boersma

1899 Coopersville Observer, April 14, 1899

Our hotel has changed hands. It is now under the management of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hedges.

Tallmadge Township and Lamont, 1881-1899, by Boersma

There was also a blacksmith shop, a livery stable and a gunsmith shop located on the Halfway House property.

Transcribed by Joan Van Spronsen


Transcribed and Scanned by: Joan Van Spronsen
Created: 8 February 2014