1879 Grade School Building

Zeeland Public Schools

On 17 April 1849 four – one-half acre plots were set aside for a school, church, and market place. The Zeeland School District was organized 3 July 1848 and Elias C. Young was the first teacher. The first board of directors included: Jan Steketee and H. G. VanHuis.


1904 - Zeeland High School Building

The schools were ungraded and not until 1894 were eleven grades formed, Mr. John H. Petrie being the director. In 1900 a four-year curriculum was begun by Charles H. Farrell. Students were allowed to graduate in three years if they completed the four year’s study required. In 1902 science was taught without a laboratory.

In 1907 the twelfth grade was added to the high school.

A new school was built in 1904.  In 1907 the twelfth grade was added to the high school.  The first class to graduate from high school was in 1908. The high school was still taught by one teacher but they had a full-time librarian. By 1926 a new high school was constructed on East Central Avenue due to much growth.

The first football team was begun in 1909.

The following schools are now annexed to the Zeeland No. 46 District: Borculo, Drenthe, East Holland, Franklin, Hawthorne, Huyser, Noordeloos, North Blendon, North Groningen, Olive Center, Ottawa, Ovens, Robinson, Sherbourne, Townline, VanRaalte, Vriesland and West Drenthe.

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