Organization and History of the Robinson Township Schools

Clark School

In 1864 a log building located on 144th Avenue, approximately a mile south of Green Street in Robinson Township, was converted into Clark school. It was named for a teacher, Helen Clark. In 1869 a new frame building was erected, but in 1875 the school was moved to Green Street, near Stearn’s Bayou. It was used until 1914, when part of the building was moved to Felix’s Marina and converted to a home.

Robinson School

Like the other Township, Robinson had a system of one-room schoolhouses scattered around. In 1958, seven of these schools were consolidated into one new building located at 11801 120th Street. In the year of consolidation, there were 303 students attending grades kindergarten through eighth. By 1998, the number had increased to 575 students in grades kindergarten through sixth. Children in the upper grades were bused to Grand Haven. Robinson Township was named for Rix Robinson, who had opened the fur-trading post in Grand Haven in 1821. He and his brothers had extensive land holdings throughout the township.

Transcriber: Barb Jones
Created: 3 May 2007