Organization and History of the Port Sheldon Township Schools

Pigeon Creek School

Located at the southeast corner of 168th and Pierce in Port Sheldon Township, Pigeon Creek School was built between 1878 and 1880. The first school in the area, "District No. 3," was a log building in an Indian settlement north of Pigeon Creek, which opened about 1869. Don Edward I recalled being hired as a boy to do such odd jobs around the school as stoking the furnace and raising the flag for 5 a month. Lester Fuite purchased Pigeon Creek School from Grand Haven School Board in 1961, the year the school closed, and moved it to another location on Pierce Street. Fuite, who died in April 1966 at the age of 77, resided at 16916 Pierce. [Tribune article, July 25, 2003.]

Robar School

Considered the first school in Port Sheldon Township [originally part of Olive Township], it was named after the John C. Robar family. In the early 1900ís it was converted to church use and in 1924 it became the first Port Sheldon Township Hall.

Sheldon Woods

Sheldon Woods School was dedicated on April 12, 1966, almost a year after its opening. It was located at the corner of Blair Street and 172nd Avenue.

Smith School

Built 1870, Smith School was located on the corner of Butternut Drive and Van Buren Street in Port Sheldon Township. The school took its name from the Richard Smith family, who resided in the district for many years. A new building was erected in 1885-86, and the earlier structure was used to store firewood. Jude Fred T. Miles attended the school as a youngster and later taught there. A Miss Pratt was the first teacher.

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Created: 3 May 2007