Mrs. Elizabeth Vanderhyde Is Dean of Teaching Staff
(11 October 1951 - The Observer)

By Mildred Zimmerman

Mrs. Elizabeth Vanderhyde, who is busy teaching home economics again at the Coopersville High School, is in her 32nd years as a teacher, with a record of 27 years at Coopersville.

Not only has she spent many years in Coopersville as a teacher but she also spent her student days here. She entered Coopersville high school the very year it became a four-year high school and has seen it grow from an enrollment of about 40 pupils and two teachers to an enrollment approaching 500 and a staff of 20 high school teachers.

Her graduating class was the first one to produce a class play, but not without some objection from the school board. She recalls the name of the play as "At the End of the Rainbow". As a teachre she has spent a large portion of her time in the grades, about 10 years in junior high and the last five in senior high as home economics instructor.

Mrs. Vanderhyde, who taught many different subjects during her 31 years at Coopersville, has pupils in her classes who are children of former pupils.

Her love for home economics seems to run in the family. Her daughter, Mary Louise Muller, a graduate of Coopersville High School in 1936 is also a home economics teacher and at present is home agent for Menominee County. Mrs. Vanderhyde has two sons, Peter J. Muller, a mechanical engineer with American Steel and Wire at Cleveland, and Stillman Muller, who works in Grand Rapids. Peter was graduated in 1937 and Stillman in 1942. Mrs. Vanderhyde's husband died in 1942.

After graduating from high school she earned her AB degree at county normal and Western Michigan College of Education.

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