Coopersville High School Buildings

    The Coopersville High School building was a two-story brick veneer and had two entrances in the front.  The upstairs was one large recitation room and the two rooms downstairs had folding doors.  It was located on East Street.  Later, is was moved a short distance west on Main Street by the creek when the the new1908 building was constructed.  The brick veneer was removed and it is now a white frame apartment building.

1906 Coopersville High School Students

Back Row: Myra Van Nett, Ellis Lillie, Waldo Coburn, Gertrude Richards, Ray Muzzall, Guy Turner, Edith Lull
Middle Row: Minnie Averill, Don Lillie, Frances Payne, Florence Schreuder, Ora Lillie Charles Andrews, Ora Garer
Front Row: Kathryn Lawton, Benjamin Peck, Jessie Tuxbury

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Created: 2 Sep 2011