School #1 - was built in 1855 at the southeast corner of Van Buren and 32nd Avenue on land donated by Luman and Lucius Jenison. This was no longer in use by 1879.

School #2 - In March, 1879 - the school board paid to James DeCator on school house lot - $65.25.According to the school book, on May 6, 1879 - school seats were ordered and a school house stone was ordered. On May 17 & 18, 1880, the school seats were set up. July,1892 - It was decided to make an addition to the schoolhouse at right angles - 28 ft. square.

School #3 - The "wooden" school was built in 1881.
(**Not sure about the date on this - What I found is that on July 18, 1892, an addition was to be added to the present school at right angles to it. The bid by Hues (?Hughes) Brothers was accepted on August 3, 1892 - $670.00.

School #4 - The square "block" or "brick" school with the belfry is said to have been built in 1910. (The cornerstone is dated 1908.)  It was built in front of the wooden school on School Street. The wooden school was taken down not too long after this one was completed. This school housed the entire school body, Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade at this time.

School #5 - The yellow brick house was built about 1929. This was the elementary building and School #4 became the high school, grades 8 through 12.

School #6 - The yellow brick school was added on to and remodeled a few times - wing was added to the north, later the gym was either remodeled or replaced and  some additional rooms added to the north wing and east entrance. 1997 a new entrance was added on Madison Street. It became the Junior High School in the 1960s - 1980s. Presumably, it became the junior high after the new Hudsonville Public High School was completed on 32nd Avenue south of Allen Street in 1963.
In 1996, it became the ninth grade building and is called the Freshman Campus.

School #7 - Hudsonville Public High School was completed in 1963. Due to the continuing increase of residents, the high school is adding a two-story addition in 1999.

The years between have brought many changes. Jamestown, Forest Grove and Bauer Elementary Schools are under the Hudsonville Public School system. Other grade schools include Alward, Park and South schools. All of these schools have had addition to them. In addition a new middle school was built on Baldwin Street in 1996 and another one was built on Riley Street in the Jamestown area (2000).

This area has responded well whenever there was a need to improve the schools.

Transcriber: Evelyn M. Sawyer
Created: 21 April 2003

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