New Groningen School
Holland Township

New Groningen Elementary School

In 1847 a private school was started soon after the New Groningen community was founded by Jan Rabbers. A small log school was built which was destroyed by fire. Another log school building was erected and that also was destroyed by fire.

In 1853 a school district is formed and the school house was built costing $200. Classes were held in the summer between growing and harvest times. John Boer was the teacher and was paid $12 a month.

The original school was made from Veneklasen Brick and served the children of the area for 70 years, from 1881 - 1951. The building is located on Paw Paw Drive near Chicago Drive, west of Zeeland, Michigan. It was a two-room school.

By 1870 the school was being held ten months of the year and there were 170-plus students.

In 1881 a new building was constructed of Veneklasen Brick with two classrooms. It cost $1,200.

By 1951 a new school building was constructed on 10542 Chicago Drive, west of Zeeland, and the 1881 school closed permanently.  It became a residence for many years.  The Zeeland Historical Society is hoping to purchase it, restore it to be used for historical and educational purposes. (2006)

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Created: 10 February 2006