Longfellow Elementary School
Holland, Michigan
(formerly Maple Grove School)

   100 Years and Gone!

    The original school was built in 1906 and was given the name Maple Grove School.  It was located on 24th Avenue near Central Street.  In 1916, the Holland Public School Board decided that all the school buildings be named for an historical figure.  Maple Grove was renamed Longfellow Elementary School after Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
    In the 1960's an addition was built around the original structure.  In the 1990's a gymnasium and other classrooms were added.  It later became a 4-5 Focus School.
      There is a Longfellow Tree which displays photos of the staff as far back as 1906.  A centennial celebration had been planned
     The Holland Public School Board of Education has made the decision that this school will close as of the end of the 2006 school year due to budget constraints.

Created: 7 March 2006
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