14 May 1895 - Grand Haven Evening Tribune, p. 1

Cornelius Neitering

Old Cornelius Neitering, better known as "old Case" Neitering was taken to the county infirmary at Eastmanville this morning. Case for upwards of 40 years has been one of the characters of Grand Haven and everybody knew him,. Of late years he has been living alone in his home. The Congregation of the First Christian Reformed church attended to his support. In early years when still in the Netherlands he was a sailor. Coming to this country many years ago he settled in the Manitou Islands and engaged in fishing with the Indians. He did not remain there long, but came to Grand Haven and has lived here ever since, engaging in all sorts of odd jobs, such as bill peddling, etc. Case had a particular aversion for the bad boy and for this reason was teased quite a little: A sharp rap on the knuckles by his well known cane, would often remind the boys that Case was still very much alive. As Case is now very feeble it is doubtful if he ever leaves the infirmary.

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