Harriet (Tibbet) and George Briceland Log House

This log house was the residence of Mr. and Mrs. George Briceland.  It was located at the bottom of Kibby Hill before 16th Avenue was established.  One person remembered sliding down the hill and stopping for a treat from Mrs. Briceland.  Her maiden name was Harriet Tibbet and she was the aunt of Ross Tibbet who lived on Jackson Street.  Lulu Comstock lived with the Bricelands for several years after her parents and grandparents were gone.  Mrs. Briceland was the half-sister of Mrs. Comstock's mother, and was known for her industriousness and kindness to others.  The Briceland's own child died and they adopted Leon.  Mrs. Briceland was known for making effective Indian-type remedies from plants and herbs.  Mrs. Comstock remembers when rain rushed down Kibby Hill, she and Mrs. Briceland, armed with brooms, would sweep out the water that covered the rough board floor.
(Further information from Christine Gregg, a descendant of Harriet Tibbet - Harriet Tibbet was the daughter of Andrew Tibbet and his first wife, Mary Ellis.  She was born 29 June 1848 in Northampton Twp., Summit County, Ohio.  Andrew Tibbet later married Louisa Genevieve "Jenny" Gregg.  Their daughter, Nora Tibbet (b. about 1866 in Ottawa County) married Albert Cheyne and their children were Leon and Lulu.  Nora died about 1895 and it is unknown what happened to Albert.  Albert and Nora's daughter, Lulu Cheyne, married Clarence "Clad" Comstock.  Leon was adopted by the Briceland's and sometimes used the name Cheyne-Briceland.)
Further investigation shows: George and Harriet Briceland along with Leon C. Briceland are buried on the same lot in Hanley Cemetery, Georgetown Township.  Andrew Tibbett is buried in Georgetown Township Cemetery but neither of his wives, Mary or Louise, are listed there. Andrew resided in Georgetown Township by the time the1860 Federal Census was taken.  In 1860 Harriet is listed as being 10 yrs. old.  Evidently, Andrew's wife, Mary, had died before 1860 and he was married to Jennie sometime in the 1860's as their daughter, Nora, is listed as 4 years old in the 1870 federal census. Clarence and Lula (sp) are buried in Grandville Cemetery (per ES)

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