Index To The Northeast Ottawa County
People, Places, Businesses, History

1885 - 1985

In the process of gleaning information from the Coopersville Observer, for our original volumes titles, "Tallmadge Tattlings", there was much more information concerning the establishment of businesses and industry in the local northeast Ottawa County area. 
This volume contains much about the individual persons, ministers, doctors that lived in the larger community around Coopersville.
Here also find large tracts of information that the "old timers' put down on paper about their memories of life and death during their earlier days.
Extended information on Allendale, Berlin (Marne), Civil War veterans, Coopersville, Conklin, Eastmanville, Grand River, Lamont, Lisbon, Marne, mills landings, Ottawa County, and Ravenna make up a good share of the text.
Information concerning Dr. J. J. Miller by courtesy of Jack Miller of Rockford, MI.

The following is the index to the 356 pages.  The index is generously shared with us by Henry and Loekie Boersma.

Compiled by Henry Boersma
Indexed by Loekie Boersma
(March, 2007)

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