Elijah Walcott - Veteran of War of 1812

Walcott, Elijah, was born about - 3 and died July 28, 1855, in Wright Township, Ottawa County, MI. He is buried in Wells Cemetery, Ottawa County , MI, next to his son Elijah Walcot, Jr.

Elijah was a War of 1812 veteran and served in 37 Regiment, NY Militia

Elijah was supervisor of roads in Wright township (chck source--? )

Elijah Sr. married Sarah Tuttle. 1813, NY(Family Search)They had children

Sarah Walcott died April 19, 1880, in Wright Township, Ottawa, MI, according to Ottawa County Death Records.













Children according to Ancestry

Walcott, Albert, #13

Walcott, Asa -#5—possibly children, Harvey and Phebe,(Charley- Asa and Jane) all died of diptheria

Walcott, E.--# 3 possibly Elijah, Sr. and wife Sarah

Walcott E.- #45—possibly Minnie, daughter Nellie died April 8, 1879

Walcott, Jabez- -#4 Jabez died July 1, 1888 age 72-2-1-Ottawa County Death R.

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