Holland City News, March 24, 1899

Cornelius Van der Veere, Pioneer of 1847

Cornelius Van der Veere departed this life on Sunday afternoon, after a brief and apparent light illness, in the 87th year of his life. He was one of the pioneers of 1847, the group of the Nabers, the Vorks and others. The late Jacobus Schrader, whom he followed so soon in death, was also one of the party.

It is claimed the Mr. Van der Veere was the last survivor in this city of the settlers that came here in 1847, the year of the founding of the Holland colony. He was then in the prime of his life and took an active part in the arduous task that devolved upon those first on the ground. In 1848 we find him in charge of a receiving depot at the mouth of Black Lake. Says the record:

"The majority of the colonists who arrived in 1847 and 1848 landed at the mouth. Many of them made the entire trip from the old country here, by water, leaving New York via the Hudson River and Erie Canal to Buffalo, and thence around the lake by steamer or vessel. Of the very first lumber that was rafted in from Singapore and Grand River, enough was appropriated at the harbor to put up a large shed, ordered erected by the "Volksvergadering," as a sort of receiving barracks for the accommodation of the new-comers. This shed was put up where Ottawa Beach bathing houses are now located, under the direction of the late T. Keppel, Rensink and H. J. Hesselink, and C. Van der Veere, the deceased, was appointed agent to receive them and forward them to ‘de stad.’" (the city)

For a brief period M. Van der Veere followed boating and scowing on Black Lake and then opened the Grand Haven House, a hotel, or rather a tavern, on River Street, where the Holland Furniture Factory is now located. This place was the headquarters of Company I, 25th Michigan Infantry, while it was being recruited in August 1862.What is now Van den Bosch’s addition, in the Fifth Ward, was bought by him and cleared for a farm.

The great fire of October 1871, swept his hotel away, since when it may be said he led a retired life. His wife, nee Pieternella Bolhuis, died about this time, and of later years he made his home with his daughter, Mrs. P. Boot, who survives him with another daughter, Mrs. G. J. Van Duren, and three sons, Cornelius, who resided in Altona, Mo, Alfred a farmer on the Lake Shore, and Will of this city. He was laid to rest on Wednesday afternoon. The funeral services were held at the home and were conducted by Revs. G. H. Dubblink and H. G. Birchby. There were present from outside Holland: C. Vander Veere and Mrs. Alice Glopper of Grand Haven; Mrs. De Haas, Mrs. A. Wieringa, Mrs. E. Pennoyer and Mrs. Alice Purdy of Muskegon; Mrs. Jennie Doesburg and Mrs. D. T. Boot of Grand Rapids.

(Buried in Pilgrim Home Cemetery.)


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