Staff Sergeant James VanderLaan
War Captive Writes to Hudsonville Kin

Hudsonville - S/Sgt. James VanderLaan of Hudsonville is in good health in German prison camp, according to the first direct word his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. VanderLaan, have received since their son's capture by the Nazis after a raid on Germany last October 9.

The parents received a postcard Tuesday containing this brief information and also a request that they send him hisrazor and some socks and to "write often".

Sgt. VanderLaan was a member of a Flying Fortress crew which was shot down over Europe. The parents had been notified previously that their son was a prisoner but this was the first word from the sergeant himself.

Services will be held at 2 Monday at Hudsonville First Christian Reformed church. Burial in Georgetown cemetery. The body is at the VanderLaan funeral home at Hudsonville.

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Created: 16 Dec 2011