Charles Rumbout
Sea, USS Chocura
Died - 22 October 1900

Coopersville Observer, October 1900

Charles Rumbout

Lamont—After feeling poorly for some time, but not sick enough to call a doctor until last Friday, Charles Rumbout passed away on the afternoon of the 22d inst. of heart trouble. Mr. Rumbout was born in Belgium, but was raised in France. He served an apprenticeship in the Belgium navy, and entered the U. S. Navy in 1861, where he put in two full terms. He gradually came up from one position to another, and at the expiration of his service was quarter master of the U. S. S. "Chocura." Since the Rebellion he followed his profession a good many years, and has seen a great deal of the world.

Mr. Rumbout married Mrs. Solomon Snyder three years ago and has been a resident of Lamont most of the time since. On Wednesday afternoon, a goodly number of neighbors and friends met at the home, and after a discourse by Rev. Heator, six old soldiers carefully consigned the remains to the grave.

Eastmanville, Sept. 1897—Married last week, Charles Rumbout of Milwaukee and Mrs. Esther Snyder, of Lamont.

Transcribed by Joan Van Spronsen
Created: 9 February 2010