Coopersville Observer, October 30, 1904

Mrs. Cyrus Miller (Electa)

The very sudden death of Mrs. Cyrus Miller occurred Monday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Adams. Mrs. Miller was in average good health and complained very little until the day of her decease. She complained that she was not feeling as strong as usual, but early in the forenoon she got up and was carefully seated in her rocking chair, took a little sewing and commenced work. A short while, after she felt herself growing weaker, she called in Mrs. Adams, who was engaged in the kitchen. When Mrs. Adams reached her side she was having a fainting fit. Dr. Thomas was sent for immediately, but she died shortly after his arrival. Mrs. Miller was 86 years of age and a pioneer resident of this place. The funeral service was conducted in the Congregational church Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, and the remains interred in Maplewood Cemetery. C. H. Howe had charge of the funeral arrangements. Rev. R. Allingham officiating. Obituaries of the Coopersville Observer by Boersma

MI Death Certificate October 24, 1904, Seeking Michigan

Electra Miller was born in New York, the daughter of William Parmer (Palmer), born unknown and mother unknown. Electra died in Lamont age 85-8-24. She was the parent of ten children, three are living. Electa was buried in Lamont Cemetery on October 26, 1904, informant Alice Rumney.

Ottawa County Marriages: Electa C. Palmer Russell, age 68 years, born in New York, 1821, daughter of William Palmer, married Cyrus Miller, age 73, born in New York, son of Caleb Miller and Sally Thomas, on June 25, 1889, Eastmanville, Michigan

Transcribed by Joan Van Spronsen
Created: 25 July 2011