William G. Ledeboer

William G. Ledeboer was born in Passaic County, New Jersey, in 1844, according to his military records. He was the son of Bernardus Ledeboer, born February 21, 1812, at Oud Beyerland, NL, and Allida Goetschius, born in Ramapo, New Jersey, October 21, 1822, according to their gravestone records.

His father, Bernardus Ledeboer, immigrated to the United States on the ship, Isabella, leaving from Breman, Germany, arriving in New York on May 10, 1836, according to immigration records. After he married Allida Goetschius, the family lived in New Jersey and New York for several years and later moved to Holland, Michigan, where Bernardus Ledeboer was a practicing physician, according to census records.

During the Civil War, William enlisted in Co. I, 25th Michigan Infantry, on August 14, 1862, for three years, from Holland, MI, age 18.

Masselink, Rev. William, Ph. D, "25th Michigan Mustered at Kalamazoo in 1862," Holland Evening Sentinel, December 6, 1961, p. 8.

"From Kalamazoo they went to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where they spent most of their time drilling and doing picket work.

"The saddest part of the winter came when a severe epidemic of dysentery, followed by measles, struck the camp. Medical care was still in an elementary stage, and they had little more than simple home remedies at their disposal.

"Among those stricken was William Ledeboer. He was only a lad of 18 years old, but before he died he gave such an earnest testimony of his faith that his comrades were deeply impressed."

Military Service Records

Hospital Muster Roll for January and February, 1863, states that William was attached to the hospital on September 8, 1862, and employed as a nurse. Company Muster Roll dated April 30, 1863, lists William as sick in General Hospital, Bowling Green, KY. William died of pneumonia in General Hospital, Bowling Green, KY, on May 11, 1863.

When Dr. Ledeboer learned that his oldest son, William, was ill, he immediately traveled to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to see him.

Caitlin, Janice Van Lente, The Civil War Letters of Johannes Van Lente, Yankee Girl Publications, 1992, p. 46. (Translated from the Dutch.)

"Louisville, April 27, 1863

"I donít have any news but that we were surprised with a visit from our noble doctor, Mr. Ledeboer, last Saturday. You canít comprehend how happy we were. We sat and stood around him just like the bees around the sauce when they are swarming. You canít imagine how he was overloaded with questions. He came here on his way to Bowling Green to pay his "Bill" (his son, William) who is very ill, a visit there. W. Van Putten went with him."

William Ledeboer died at Bowling Green, Kentucky, on May 11, 1863. His father took his body home to Holland, Michigan. William is buried in the family lot in Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland Michigan.

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