Holland City News, March 4, 1904

Death of Mrs. Egberdina Kollen

The death of Mrs. Egberdina Kollen occurred Tuesday afternoon at her home in Overisel at the age of one hundred years. She was the mother of Dr. E. J. Kollen, president of Hope College and was one of the most highly respected and best loved women in Allegan County. Had she lived until March 28, her age would have been 101 years, very likely eclipsing that of any other citizens in this part of the state. A large circle of friends mourns because of her death, as do a large number of relatives, among them being 42 grandchildren and 52 great- grandchildren.

Mrs. Kollen, though in full possession of all her mental faculties, excepting her sight, up to the time of her death, had nevertheless been somewhat of an invalid for the last eighteen years. She sustained a fracture of one of her legs by a fall about eighteen years ago and this rendered her unable to walk the latter part of her life. However, she was bright and cheerful and she could recount interestingly many of the events of the pioneer days and the trials and hardships incident thereto. Her health had been feeble for several months back and her waning strength warned friends and relatives some time ago that death was near.

On Mrs. Kollen’s one hundreth birthday anniversary nearly a year ago, a family reunion was held at their home and the gathering of relatives and friends from among the old settlers is still fresh in the minds of the people of this city. Among the congratulatory letters received on that occasion were personal letters from President Roosevelt, Senator Russell A. Alger and Governor A.T. Biles.

Mrs. Kollen was born at Ommen in the Netherlands and was in 1829 married to Gerrit Jan Kollen who died in the Netherlands in 1848. Five years later she came to America with her five children and lived in Overisel. She saw the forests near her home change to prosperous farming communities and to thriving towns and until very near the last she was able to call to memory the stirring incidents of the days when the contest between civilization and savagery was waged.

The children who survive her are Dr. G. J. Kollen, president of Hope College, H. J. and John Kollen and Mrs. G. Immink and Mrs. W. Vander Koik of Overisel Township.

The funeral services will be held at noon today from the home and at 2 o’clock from the Overisel Reformed Church, Rev. A Vanden Berg, officiating.

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