Hunter Lewis, Coopersville Observer, August 24, 1888

Lamont—Mr. Lewis Hunter, son of Mr. Hiram Hunter, late of Crockery Township, met with a fatal injury while going from his father’s logging camp, north of Cadillac to that place, on Sunday evening last, by accidentally falling between two cars, The accident occurred about 9:30 in the evening. He survived only a short time after the fall. The body was taken to Cadillac, and thence to Lamont by way of this place for burial, accompanied by his father. The young man was about 22 years of age.

Mr. S. Snyder received word yesterday that his grandson, Lewis Hunter, was killed Sunday evening at Cadillac, by the cars running over him, The body was brought here for burial, which took place today at three o’clock. (Buried in Maplewood Cemetery)

Obituaries of the Coopersville Observer by Boersma

Transcribed & Photo by Joan Van Spronsen
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