Atomic Plant Planned

(Grand Haven Tribune, Friday, 21 July 1967)

St. Joseph, Michigan – Plans for Michigan’s fourth atomic powered electric generating plant were announces Thursday by Indiana & Michigan Electric Co.

Donald C. Cook, I. & M. President, said the $300 million facility will be constructed along the Lake Michigan shoreline on a 650 acre site near Bridgman, about 9 miles south of St. Joseph. It will have a capacity of 2 million kilowatts, making it by far the largest nuclear powered plant to date in Michigan.

Consumers Power Co. is building a 750,000 kilowatt atom powered generating plant at South Haven and has a 75,000 kilowatt plant operating at Charlevoix. Detroit Edison Co. operates an experimental plant at Monroe with a capacity of 150,000 kilowatts.

Governor George Romney, in a congratulatory telegram to cook, said, "this symbolizes the growth our state can expect in the future".

Construction of the I & M plant awaits Atomic Energy Commission approval but Cook said the plant should be operational by 1972.

The nuclear facility marks the entry of I & M and its parent concern, American Electric Power Co., into the atomic generating field after 60 years of almost exclusive use of coal fired electric generation.

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