Holland City News, January 30, 1875

Holland Soldiers’ Union is Organized

The Holland Soldiers’ Union completed its organization on Thursday evening by the adoption of a few articles of association and the election of its first officers as follows: president, J. O. Bakker; vice-presidents, J. Kramer, D. Miedema, J. Ver Planke and F. Vanden Belt; secretary, W. H. Joslin; treasurer, C. B. Wynne, which said officers constitute the executive committee. The annual meeting will be held the 12th day of February, the birthday of President Lincoln.

There was a fair attendance and we have reason to believe that it will become a permanent organization, it having been developed by these preliminary meetings that the number of soldiers in Holland is considerably larger than first supposed.

Transcriber: Joan Van Spronsen
Created: 17 December 2007
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