10 August, 1897 - Grand Rapids Herald, p.6




Took Place in the Township of Overisel Among the Sturdy Hollanders
First Bride of the Colony By a Host of Friends. Nothing Just Like It In Michigan

Special to Grand Rapids Herald

Holland, Mich., Aug. 9. An event was celebrated in Overisel today which puts Action to shine, and lends a ram lance of truth to the, fairest of fairy tales. It was the celebration of a golden, a silver and a new wedding all in the same family by direct descent. The first bride of the Holland colony in Michigan fondly looked down with her husband of 50 years upon their son and his wife, who had been married just 25 years, and upon their granddaughter and her newly wedded husband. Such an event has perhaps not occurred before in the memory of Herald readers, and may not occur again once in as generation.

The Michmerhuisen family has a most remarkable History. Fifty years ago a party of Holland immigrants settled in various parts of Ottawa county. With them came Hendrik G. Michmerhuisen and the young lady who became his bride at the first wedding of the colony. Twenty-five years later, on the same day they celebrated their silver wedding, the marriage of their son, Hendrik Jan Michmerhuisen, took place. Yesterday, 25 years later, Miss Jennie Michmerhuisen was wedded to the strong and sturdy Abel Boldhaus.

Yesterday was Sunday, just the day for a wedding, but not for a celebration . Today all the Hollanders from near and far who had attended the former weddings were on hand to extend their warmest congratulations, and the day was made one long to be remembered in the township of Overisel. Feastings, reminiscences and family prevailed. Tonight was made close to one of the most unusual events in the history of Michigan or of any other state or county.

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