Grand Haven High School Addition
(Grand Haven Daily Tribune, Wednesday, December 10, 1941)

To House National Defense Equipment

For the purpose of housing National Defense equipment, a new addition has been made to the High school. This new extension will contain, when furnished completely, equipment for a machine shop with gas and electric welding, foundry, and motor mechanics. It will be used, eventually, for industrial art students, trade and vocational National Defense classes in the evening and on Saturday. Employed and unemployed adults, CCC boys, and NYA men will also be trained here.

After the new shop is in use the original shop will be used for wood working only. Formerly the original shop was used as a general shop.

$21,000 worth of equipment to be installed in the new building has been purchased with National Defense funds. Five pieces of equipment have already been delivered including 3 lathes. The building is equipped with fluorescent lighting so that it may be used 24 hours a day for education purposes and National Defense.

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