Zeeland Free Methodist Church

The church was organized in 1906 with seven charter members: Mr. and Mrs. A. Berghorst, Maggie Berghorst, Minnie Kraak, Mr. and Mrs. R. Kraak and Mr. C. Boone. Rev. William Caywood from the Grand Rapids Free Methodist Church came and organized the society and he met with them on Wednesday evenings. The first six years, Mr. R. Kraak directed the congregation and visiting ministers filled the pulpit. In 1912, Rev. Caywood became their first pastor.

Other pastors include: Miss Winnie Peabody, Miss Mary Mieras, Charles Miller, Ralph Johnson, William Angerer, L. Hazeldine, B. I. Kinney, G. W. Bodine, J. A. Hudnutt, E. W. Price and J. W. Archer.

Zeeland Free Methodist Centennial Anniversary

1906 – 2006

The church celebrated their centennial by holding 100 days of celebration with special services focusing on the church’s past and its future.

The church was established in 1906 when members first began holding services in an area home. In 1910, a wood framed building on Main Street was rented for services. Seven years later, a church was built on State Street. In 1973, a new church was built at 3041 State Street.

Rev. Jerry Van Kuiken, the pastor, attributed the church’s longevity to people with strong family ties. Rev. Van Kuiken has been pastor at the church since 1994. The church has a strong focus on mission work. Approximately 45 members of the church has served in Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, Zambia, China and the Phillippines since 1940.

The church currently has 73 members who live in Zeeland, Jenison, Holland, Coopersville and other areas close to Zeeland.

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