A Sketch of the Second Methodist Episcopal Church of Lamont

Lamont Methodist Episcopal Church, Lamont, Michigan

The Methodist Episcopal church was the first church to be organized in Lamont. (established 1836) The church building was located next to Elmwood Cemetery. One day this church building burned, the fire starting during the Sunday worship service. (1870's)

By this time Lamont had become a thriving town and everyone thought that it would continue to grow and prosper. The Methodists decided to build a new church large enough to meet the needs of this expected growth in population. This new church was located closer to Lamont and when the new building was completed it was the finest village church in this part of the state, a building that would make the Methodists and the village proud. The bell which they purchased at the time was an exact duplicate of the one bought for St. Mark's Episcopal Church of Grand Rapids. The cost of the bell was $500.00.

The boom times soon passed. The lumber industry declined and many people moved elsewhere to find work. The railroad and roads were used for transportation instead of the Grand River. The population of the village became smaller and smaller. The church was mainly supported by families living on farms in the surrounding country. Information taken from Our One Hundred Years 1835-1935 by Martin Bouwsma.

A storm severely damaged the second Methodist church. The congregation decided not to rebuild the church but to join the Methodist church of Marne (Berlin). The membership records were transferred to the Methodist church in Marne. The Christian Reformed Church of Lamont purchased the bell for their church.

Transcribed by Joan Van Spronsen

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Created: 22 Jan 2013
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