Elmwood or Oakwood Cemetery,
Tallmadge Township, Ottawa County, Michigan

  (An abandoned cemetery locally known as Elmwood or Oakwood Cemetery; located on the north side
Leonard Street in Lamont, between 40th and 42nd Avenues, Tallmadge Township, Section 7.)
NOTE: This cemetery was walked and restored, as much as possible, by Henry and Loekie Boersma in 1993.





Angel, James Barnes

9 mos

20 Oct 1857

son of W. N. and A. M. Angel

Angel, Willis 1y3m10d 1 Jul 1855 Only son of W. N. & A. M. Angel

Babcock, Cora A.

2 Jul 1866

22 Dec 1866

Baxter, Ann E.


1 Sep 185-

Dau-John & Eliza; On same monument

Baxter, Eliza 42y 28 Mar 1848 Ann E.; Hb-John

Baxter, George


3 Jun 1856

On Monument with Mary and Polly

Baxter, John 54y 1 Feb 1850 On Mon. with Eliza and Ann E.

Baxter, Mary


29 Nov 1849

Wf-George; On Mon. with George and Polly

Baxter, Mother (Eliza)

42 Yrs.

28 Apr 1846

Wife of John

Baxter, Polly


1 Dec 1856

Wf-George; On Mon. with George and Polly

Beals, Eugene O. Andrews*

10y 4m

11 May 1860

son of Rush and Martha S. Beals

Beals, Mera/Myra Belle


12 Jan 1865

Dau-Rush & Martha

Beals, Rush


27 Sep 1865

C., M. M.

miscellaneous stones (Mary M. Cook?)

Clark, James M.

1 day

26 Oct 1851

child of N. K. and M. Clark

Clark, Miner H.


8 Jun 1849

child of N. K. and M. Clark

Clark, Oscar J.

3m 11d

15 Dec 1854

child of N. K. and M. Clark

Cook, Mary M.


19 Mar 1857

wife of M. W. Cook

Cook, Solomon 75y29d 29 Apr 1855  
Curtis, Johnny 4y6m14d 6 Jan 1873 Son-Benjamin & L. Curtis

Gardiner, Harriet

in 36th year

1 Jun 1851

wife of John Gardiner

H., M. (See M. Hand)

miscellaneous stones

Hall, James

82 yrs.

13 Apr 1868

Hall, Phidelia

78 yrs.

21 Mar 1867

wife of James Hall

Hand, M.

65y 3m

22 Jun 1856

Stone broken; Wf-J. H. Hand

Hand, William A. I.


27 Aug 1862

son of James A. and Sarah M.

Hesseltine, Joseph


23 Oct 1864

son of Joseph K. and R. Hesseltine

Lewin, William

in 24th year

11 Jan 1856

P., F. M.

miscellaneous stones

P., M.

miscellaneous stones

Peake, Alvah P. 11y11m 6 Oct 1862 Child of L. & A. M. Peake
Peake, Fannie M. 1y7m 1 Nov 1861 Child of L. & A. M. Peake
Peake, Frank M. 4y10m 3 Oct 1862 Child of L. & A. M. Peake

Perry, Seth

2 yrs.

19 Mar 1852

son of Josiah and Merrilla Perry

Reynolds, Orril C. 55y 13d* 27 Feb 1864 Wf-Peter
Reynolds, Peter 74y9m5d 11 Jan 1865  
Robinson, Roxanna A. 21y2m10d 17 Feb 1864 Wife of O. D. Robinson
Rowe, Rebecca L. 24y10m 4 Jun 1862  

Spencer, Henrietta


9 Jan 1856

wife of Alonzo Spencer

Stearns, Hattie May

8m 27d

26 Feb 1859

dau. of L. W. and Sarah R. Stearns

Swetland, Frank

2 yrs.

12 Mar 18--

stone broken, son of E. M. and Ellen Swetland

V., C. J. (Broken stone)      
VanTassel, Sarah May 8m 27d 1860 Dau-L. W. & Sarah R. Stearns
Unknown 12y broken  

W., D.?

miscellaneous stones

Woodbury, Eliza

32y 9m

10 Feb 1844

wife of Thomas B. Woodbury

Woodward, Roana D.

24 yrs.

4 May 1849

(wife of?) G. W. Woodward

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