George Baxter

Grand Rapids Newspaper, June 15, 1856-- George Baxter died of congestion of the lungs on June 13, 1856. He left a wife and two children.

George Baxter was the son of John Baxter and Eliza. George Baxter married Mary and after Mary died, George married Polly. George is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Lamont, Michigan.

According to information on the Baxter monument, George was 37 years old when he died.

1850 U. S. Federal Census, Tallmadge, Ottawa, MI

John Baxter

George Baxter, born Canada

Eliza Baxter, age about 16 (Ann Eliza)

Lendoll Baxter, age about 21

Mary Baxter, age about 1. (child of George and Mary)

George may have had a second child with his second wife, Polly.

Transcribed and Photo: Joan Van Spronsen
Created: 22 Jan 2013