Church Cemetery
Tallmadge Township, Section 33.

The land for the Church Cemetery was sold by Bethuel Church to Tallmadge Township for $5.00 in October, 1850.

Copied September 15, 1942, by Mrs. F.E. DeWeese, Mrs. John Bosman, Mrs. John Kramer and Mrs. R.F. Keeler
Currently, 2004, the cemetery has been badly vandalized and only two markers with data remain (per Loekie Boersma).

CHURCH        Leonard, son B. & R.                     d. Jan. 26, 1847; Age 27-3-11 (G. R. Enquirer)
                        Bethuel (War of 1812)                   d. Jan. 10, 1859; Age 74-10-23
                        Roxanna                                          d. Dec. 26, 1843; Age 58 yrs, 9 mos., wife of Bethuel
                        Mary A. (2nd wife of Bethuel)       d. Dec. 23, 1849; Age 34-4-16
                        Leonard, drowned, son                   July 10, 1818; Age 7 yrs, 3 mos.
                        Rosewell E.                                    d. Aug. 4, 1839; Age 18-0-14
                        Melvin B, son of B. & R..               d. Dec. 6, 1846; Age 23-2-10 (G. R. Enquirer)
                        Jerusha D., dau. of B. & M. A.       d. Sept. 10, 1847; Age 10 wks, 2 days
                        Lydia May, dau of B. & R.             May 2, 1817 - Sept. 5, 1889 
                        Angeline  Thompson                       b. Oct. 23, 1808;   d. Dec 23 1888
                        OR Thompson, Angeline - same information
HUNTER        Frances, daughter of Harrison and Lydia Hunter - d. Aug 21 1848, 6-0-24
TABOR          Charlie, son of George & Rosalva  - 5 weeks old - d. 10 Jan 1871

Latest List of Burials Church Cemetery, Tallmadge, Ottawa, Michigan
by Loekie Boersma

Church, Bethuel--February 17, 1784-January 10, 1859, 50 Reg't (McCleary's) New York Militia, War of 1812. He was also Tallmadge Township's first supervisor. Married Roxana Cooley on September 29, 1805.

Church, Rev. Bethuel Cooley-- 1813- July 15, 1889, son of Bethuel and Roxana Church, died of lung fever.

Church, Jerusha Diademe-- June 30, 1847-September 10, 1847, according to Bible records. Daughter of Bethuel and Mary Ann Church.

Church, Laura Cunningham-- 1817-1904 wife of B. C. Church.

Church, Leonard #1-- born April 3, 1811, drowned on July 10, 1818, and was buried in New York before the family moved to Michigan. His name was put on the Church monument so that he would not be forgotten. Son of Bethuel and Roxana Church. (Bible records.)

Church, Leonard #2-- born May 6, 1819, died January 26, 1847, son of Bethuel and Roxana Church.

Church, Mary Ann Perry-- August 7, 1815 -December 23, 1849, second wife of Bethuel Church.

Church, Melvin B.-- September 20, 1823-December 1846, son of Bethuel and Roxana Church. Married Martha Britten in October 1844.

Church, Palmer --August 8, 1825-April 1887, youngest child of Bethuel and Roxana Church, died of lung fever.

Church, Rosewell Emerson-- July 31, 1821-August 4, 1839, son of Bethuel and Roxana Church.

Church, Roxana Cooley-- March 28, 1785- December 26, 1843, first wife of Bethuel Church.

Cummiford, Martin W.-- May 9, 1886- April 12, 1976, husband of Naida Church Cummiford.

Cummiford, Naida Church Roberts--October 18, 1888--July 2, 1983, daughter of Melvin #2 Church who was the youngest child of Bethuel Church and his second wife, Mary Ann Perry.

Hunter, Frances-- died August 21, 1846, age 6-0-24, daughter of Harrison Hunter and Lydia Church Hunter.

Hunter, Lydia Church-- May 2, 1817- September 5, 1889, daughter of Bethuel and Roxana Church, married Harrison Hunter on March 19, 1837.

Patterson, Pvt. Alonzo Marcus-- 1832-August 19, 1897, Co. G, 21 Michigan Infantry, Civil War.

Tabor, Charlie-- 1870-January 10, 1871, son of George and Rosaltha Tabor.

Thompson, Angeline Church -- October 23, 1808- December 24, 1888, according to Bible records. She was the daughter of Bethuel and Roxana Church, married Caleb Thompson on June 6, 1839.


Volunteers are restoring Church Cemetery.

Church cemetery, Tallmadge Township, Ottawa County MI

The land of Church Cemetery was originally part of the Church property. Family members were buried there. On October 2, 1850, Bethuel Church sold that certain elevated plot to Tallmadge Township for $5.00 .

No one knows when Tallmadge Township stopped maintaining Church Cemetery. The cemetery was subject to vandalism and years of neglect. Sapling trees, vines and dense underbrush made it impossible to see the headstones from the road.

Henry and Loekie Boersma restored Church Cemetery in 1999 and it is now being maintained by Tallmadge Township.
Photo by Loekie Boersma, scanned by Joan Van Spronsen

Transcriber: Joan VanSpronsen
Created: 15 January 2014