Unknown Cemetery
Polkton Township, Ottawa County, Michigan
16384 88th Avenue – south of Cleveland

(Claudia Throop has sent us some history on this cemetery where her great great grandfather is buried.)

Arnold Fisk’s grave is located in this cemetery. His daughter, Sarah, was the second wife of my great-grandfather, Daniel Timmerman. Daniel and Sarah are buried in Ottawa County Cemetery.

According to Claudia’s father, Harold Timmerman, and grandfather, Lester Timmerman, claim that Daniel’s first wife, Maria, is a lost grave in the southeast corner of this cemetery and Daniel Timmerman’s obituary states this fact.

Daniel F. Timmerman and Maria Schuyler Timmerman moved by horse and wagon from New York State to Michigan. They purchased the farm at 9130 Arthur Street and lived there until their deaths. Daniel was first married to Marie Schuyler who died in childbirth. Marie was buried in Ottawa Cemetery at the most southeast corner. The snow was so deep from early storms when her casket was taken to the cemetery, the pall bearers were forced to use a sled to carry her casket. A teomporary grave was used at the southeast corner of the cemetery. It was intended that someone would then come back and move her to the family plot. By the time they did, they ere unable to determine exactly where she was buried.

Daniel later married Sarah Fisk in 1861 or 1862,

Arnold Fisk was the father of Sarah Fisk.

Arnold’s tombstone can be seen in the front yard of the house at 16384 88th Avenue, south from Cleveland. This was the original Fisk farm. Arnold cleared the trees at this site for his and other’s graves. A small child’s marker can also bee seen just east of Arnold’s. No one is certain who are buried there since there are no records of a child dying at that time. It is also thought there could be others buried at this site. On November 26, 2010, Harold and I spoke to the neighbors just to the south of this house. The longtime owner passed away this week. Hopefully future owners will continue the good care that he did.

Contributed by Claudia Throop
Created: 28 December 2012
URL: http://ottawa.migenweb.net/cemeteries/polkton/unknown.html