There are three cemeteries in Park Township.

1) LAKEWOOD CEMETERY - The plat of "Lakewood Boulevard Cemetery" is described as being that part of the SE 1/4, NE 1/4, Section 21, Town 5N, Range 16 West. Commencing 526.7 feet west, and 33 feet north, of the E 1/4 corner of said section running thence west 275.6 feet, thence north 159.7 feet, thence east 275.6 feet, thence south 159.7 feet to place of beginning.

2) LAKESHORE CEMETERY Located in the SW of Section 29. The southwest side of 168th Avenue and north of Riley Street

3) VENTURA CEMETERY (a.k.a. Vanden Berg Cemetery)- Part of NW fraction 1/4 of NW fraction 1/4, Section 3, Town 5N, Range 16 West, described as follows: From the northwest corner of said Section east 3 degrees, 21 rods, 3 links, thence south 1 degree east, 11 rods, 9 links, thence south 87 degrees west, 21 rods, 3 links, thence north 1 degree west, 11 rods, 9 links to place of beginning.

ABBREVIATIONS: LU=Location Unknown, TS=Tombstone, TDR=Township Death Register
OTDR=Ottawa County Death Record, HB=Husband, WF=Wife, CH=Children, DAU=Daughter, PRS=Parents

Path on outside is 8 feet wide.
Blocks are 20 ft. by 18 ft.
Each grave 6 ft. by 9 ft.
Path inside between blocks is 6 ft. wide.
Small alleys between blocks 2 ft.
General burial place 20 ft. by 79 1/2 ft. by 9 ft. long.
(Blocks numbered 1 to 75 consecutively)
(Graves numbered 1 to 10 consecutively)

Compiled by

Evelyn M. Sawyer, 1995
(Redone, February, 2004)

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 12 February 2004

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