Index to Graafschap Cemetery
City of Holland, MI
Sections 31 and 36

These portions are the older sections of Graafschap Cemetery. 
It was walked the fall of 2004.
There was an old transcription of the portion in Section 36 and that was compared with the 2004 transcription.
The portion in Section 31 has more older stones and some of them are unreadable, some are just broken pieces, in some places only the indentation in the ground shows that someone is buried there.  If you have knowledge of persons buried in either of these sections that are not included here, please inform me - 
There is also a newer section on the southeast corner of 60th Avenue and 32nd Street.

The records for the Graafschap Cemetery are kept at the City of Holland, Cemeteries Office, 429 E. 24th Street, Holland, Michigan.

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Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 9 August 2005