Index to Ottawa County Births, 1867-1902

The following information is from the Ottawa County Clerk regarding obtaining birth records in Ottawa County, Michigan.
If the record is more than 100 years old, you do not need proof of relationship to purchase a copy, or come to the office and research the information.  If you wish to purchase a copy, go to the website, and print off a request form.  That request form must be filled out and sent in with a $10 fee and the record will be shipped to you. 
IF the record is less than 100 years old, you must either be the subject of the birth record, the parent, legal guardian, or hold power of attorney to obtain the record.  The fee is the same.
The Ottawa County Clerk's office is located in the courthouse at: 414 Washington, Grand Haven, MI. 49417     Phone number: (616) 846-8310

Aa-Alc,  Ald-ApAr-Ay, Ba-Bal,  Ban-BzBe-BemBen-BezBi-Boe, Bog-BorBos-Boy, Bra-Bri, Bro-BryBu-ByCa-Ci,  Cl-Coom,  Coon-Cy,  Da-DayDeB-DeJDeK-DeVDeW-Dem, Den-DomDon-DwDy-DzEa-ElEm-Ez,  Fa-FoFr-FyGa-Gi,  Gl-Go,  Gr-Gu,  Ha-Han,  Har-Haz,  He,  Hi-Hoe,  Hof-Hop,  Hor-Hy,  I-J,  Ka,  Ke-Ki,  Kl-Kn,  Ko,  Kr-KyLa,  Le-Li,  Lo-LyMa,  Mc,  Me,  Mi-Mol,  Mom-My,  Na-Ni,  No-Ny,  OPa-Pf,  Ph-Po,  Pr-Q,  Ra-Rh,  Ri-Rol,  Rom-Ry,  Sa-Scho,  Schr-Sh,  Si-Sn,  So-Ste,  Sti-SyTa-TeTh-Ty,  U-Van D, Van E-Van O,  Van P-Vande Z, Vanden B-Vander L,  Vander M-Vel,  Ven-Vey,  Vi-Vy,  Wa,  We-Wh,  Wi,  Wo-Wy,  Y-Z

Created: 15 September 2002

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