William Ferry

The Ferry’s of Grand Haven

The Ferrys were for many years the leading spirits of Grand Haven. So prosperous were Ferry & Sons in lumbering, shipping and mercantile pursuits that at Rev. William M. Ferry’s death, which occurred 30 December 1876, the estate was estimated at over a million dollars in value.

Colonel William M. Ferry developed Ferrysburg, built up the Ottawa Iron Works, and was quite prominent as a Democratic politician. He was supervisor of Spring Lake and afterwards mayor of Grand Haven.

E. P. Ferry was for many years a Grand Haven business man of remarkable energy.

Major Noah H. Ferry was shot down and instantly killed at the battle of Gettysburg.

Hon. Thomas W. Ferry, ex-United States senator, was born at Mackinac 1 June 1827, and was but six years old when the family came to Grand Haven. At the age of twenty-one he was elected clerk of Ottawa county. Two years later, 1853, he was elected a member of the state legislature, and in 1854, state senator. He was a delegate at large at the convention that nominated Lincoln; in 1863 was a commissioner for Michigan of the national soldiers’ cemetery at Gettysburg; in 1864 was elected to congress, and re-elected several times.

January, 1871, he was elected U. S. senator; was president of the senate, and on the death of Wilson became vice-president of the United States. He was president of the joint meeting of the two house of congress during the exciting Hayes and Wheeler electoral count, and has the pen at his home in this city with which he signed the election certificates. He was re-elected in 1877, and closed his services in the senate in 1883.

(1892 – Historical & Business Compendium, Ottawa County, Michigan by Hiram Potts, Pg. 197-8)

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